NMC grips over unpaid property taxes; puts the seized property on auction

Nagpur: In a stern step against the properties whose Property taxes remain unpaid, Nagpur Municipal Corporation’s tax department has seized the properties and has even put the same on auction on Wednesday. Sixteen properties in Hanuman Nagar area which had failed to pay the property taxes are put on auction. It is to be mentioned that these properties have a tax due which equals to Rs. 12.85 laks.

Notably, only one possession holder showed up during the auction and submitted a written plea ensuring of tax payment in next two days. On the other hand, there were no claimers for rest of the properties.

The properties in the auction list include: House Number 3478/102 of NMC in Narendra Nagar. It had a tax due of Rs. 59, 506. Similarly, another plot owned in the name of Lalita Dilip Patne which had an offset value of Rs. 75, 36,  048 was purchased by Dilip Katiyar, bidding the highest value of Rs. 86 lakhs. There were eight bidders in the race to own the plot.

There were as many as five properties in Lok Kalyan Cooperative Housing Society out of which only one was auctioned off. One defaulter has already shown and ensured of clearing the dues.

Likewise, of 10 open plots in Unique Cooperative Housing Society Limited in Narendra Nagar, three properties were auctioned off. In this society, one Vinod Dandare has bought three plots, while another bidder Deepak Nandanwar managed to purchase two plots.