Nagpur’s traffic system going haywire

Nagpur: Nagpur City traffic system has gone out of control because of the autorickshaw drivers’ parking their autos any where whether it is the Ganeshpeth bus stand or railway station. The autos are often parked in a very disorderly manner on the backside gate of railway station. At least there are policemen to control the traffic on the front gate of the railway station. But on the backside gate there a police booth but no policemen are found there instead the coolies are sitting there. Due to this the automen have the upper hand and park their autos just in front of the gate causing great inconvenience to the passengers.

It may be mentioned that since the metro work is going on, at back side road of the station so the road has become very narrow and on top of this the autos are being parked here to find customers. It’s even difficult for the vehicles going in and coming out of the station. Often there is traffic jam. Still neither police nor the railway administration is taking any action.