Published On : Fri, Aug 21st, 2015

NMC General Body Meeting wrapped up in half an hour

  • No debate or deliberations on problems of citizens or about the problems created due to excessive rainfall
  • GBM concludes before Corporators reach the venue.

Nagpur: The General Body Meeting is organized in the Nagpur Municipal Corporation to redress the grievances of the citizens after due debating and deliberations. The meeting is held to take positive and pro-citizens’ welfare decisions. However, on August 21, 2015, the However in the General Body Meeting held on August 21, 2015, the pressing issues of the citizens, or the damages incurred due to heavy rains were not discussed or debated instead, the Mayor Praveen Datke concluded the meeting and deferred the GBM indefinitely under the pretext of the confusion and chaos created in the meeting hall. The Opposition raised the question that the GBM is usually held amidst such chaotic situation always, but why did the Mayor lose his patience only today.

Corporator Abha Pande demanded a debate and discussion on the irregularities in the functining of Kanak Resources.To this on behalf of the administration, the Municipal Commissioner Shravan Hardikar assured the members of the GBM that the case is subjudice and that the case is pending in the court and that a decision will be out in three days. However, Abha Pande and Sandeep Sahare strongly insisted on a debate over the issue.

It is a Corporator’s right to demand a discussion over a particular issue. And during the demand for a debate over an issue, a chaotic situation does prevail in the meeting hall. However, why is it that the moment a demand to discuss the issue of kanak Resources is raised, the mayor is getting angry and livid, asked Corporator Abha Pande. This being a Hitlership, I will demand justice from the courts claimed Pandey.

The Mayor displayed insensitivity in debating over the issue of damages incurred due to the recent heavy rainfall. The mayor used his priviledge and concluded the GBM held on August 21, 2015. While curtailing the question hour, the Mayor disappointed the Corporators who had come with the issue of the citizens.

The Mayor wrapped up the General Body Meeting before the Leader of the Opposition Vikas Thackeray and many Corporators of the Ruling Party could reach the venue. This in-turn has caused the Corporators to wait for a full month before they could raise various pressing issues like escalated water bills, The installation of the cables from above, the garbage collectors not visiting every house, the health risks and widespread water-borne diseases etc. Former MLA Praful Gudadhe Patil claimed that the ruling party escaped the answering of our questions which we had come prepared with.

Thackeray claims that corrupt are being protected

The Rulling party does not have enough answers to the questions over Kanak Resources, improper management of the Star Bus run by Vansh Nimay, the agreement made with the OCW etc. Once they sit down to answer these three issues, many corrupt practices will come to light and it is because of this the Mayor has escaped from the place. The Opposition leader Vikas Thackeray allegedly that the office-bearers of the ruling party are shielding the corrupt practices. The Mayor will have to answer these pressing issue or they will not allow the House to function, he warned.

The Opposition created ruckus claimed Mayor

While answering to the questions raised by the media personnel, Mayor Praveen Datke claimed that they were prepared to discuss the issues, however, the opposition created a ruckus. Even after the NMC Municipal Commissioner told the house that the issue of Kanak Resources is sub-judice and a decision will be arrived at in three days, Corporator Abha Pande and Sandeep Sahare started creating a ruckus in the house.

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