Published On : Mon, Nov 16th, 2015

NMC expenditure on lawyers is a sheer waste of money

Nagpur: The Nagpur Municipal Corporation’s expenditure on lawyers engaged in legal cases is resulting in sheer waste of money while the NMC is already in severe financial crisis and its tall-claimed developmental works are badly affected. Moreover, the NMC is not finding any way to bail out from the ongoing state of financial crunch.

If we take into account the legal cases filed against NMC in various courts of law, during year 2010 to 2015, the NMC administration spent Rs 1,20,45,771 in the form of court fees and Rs 43,04,730 as lawyers fees to defend itself in the cases as respondent.

It may be noted that NMC has engaged as many as 21 lawyers for take care and its legal matters/ disputes, and they are paid as per cases. The NMC spends in crore on lawyers, and yet it suffers defeat in many cases. There are still 2241 cases of NMC pending in various courts including 3 cases pending in Supreme Court.

The NMC has spent on lawyers Rs 18,02,216 in year 2010; Rs 16,53,696 in year 2011; Rs 21,59,775 in 2012; Rs 39,15,554 in 2013; Rs 115260 in year 2014 and Rs 23,99,270 in year 2015 (till November).

It is surprising that the NMC administration does not provide, as per demand, the necessary documentation or proofs. As a result, in any case, it gets defeated. It also suffers defeat due to inefficiency on the part of lawyers. The Ruling party is well aware of such factors of loss to NMC, but it is helpless to do any thing to restrain the administration.