Published On : Mon, Nov 16th, 2015

Customers find airconditioned fish market heavy on purse

Nagpur: The newly constructed airconditoned fish market in Mangalwari Bazar, Sadar area, is proving heavy on the purse of customers. Even wholesale and retailer fish-sellers find it beyond their budget and they are unwilling to buy its platform or the vicinity against their conventional low-cost place of fish selling in the market.

The NMC had wished that consumers must get hygienic fish/ meat and so it brought up a fish-selling market, which is hygienic, and quite away from filth and dirt as well as foul smelling conventional fish market. This is the first fish market, provided under cooperation of National Fisheries Development Board, whose construction had started in year 2010 and got completed in year 2014. It comprises 4 platforms for wholesales and 108 platforms for retailers. It has gallery and 2 cold storages.

Its rates are as follows:
Rs 6.25 lakh deposit for 12.49 sq ft platform with monthly rent as Rs 3234.
Rs 1.05 lakh deposit for 2.105 sq ft platform with monthly rent as Rs 547.
Rs 1.35 lakh deposit for 2. 69 sq ft platform with monthly rent as Rs 699.
It may be mentioned that Mangalwari Bazar holds market on two days–Tuesday and Friday and a large quantity of fish of various types, both costly and cheap, are brought here. But in general people prefer buying cheaper rate fish outside.