Published On : Mon, Nov 16th, 2015

An RTI activist in doledrum as erring BJP-Congress leaders join hands

Scam in NMC on garbage lifting

Nagpur: A proverb ‘birds of same feather flock together’ stands true when two erring leaders of different political parties join hands and discard the whistle-blower. This is what has happened to RTI activist Mukesh Shahu who has been left abandoned because of BJP and Congress leaders coming together in a scam.

According to sources, RTI activist Mukesh Shashu is a sincere worker. A former guardian minister of Congress brushed his mind to such an extent that he was motivated to collect all necessary documentary evidence against the contractor of Kanak Resource Management, which has been assigned the task of garbage collection, under NMC’s jurisdiction, and file a case in the court of law for earning exorbitantly from NMC.

As alleged, the said contractor (Kanak Resource Management) has been minting heavy amount of money from NMC exchequer in the name of garbage collection every month, under favours of NMC ruling party, just by bribing them a good amount of share. When this underhand dealing reached the court by way of RTI application, all erring culprits were shaken.

Considering the seriousness of the case, the court directed Shahu to file affidavit with prescribed fees to proceed ahead with his complaint. The court fee being heavy, the said former guardian minister of Congress came forward and paid the fee for Shahu.

Finding that the case is going to trap the erring leaders of ruling party as well as the contractor of Kanak Resource, the ruling party members deployed a leader on their behalf to tackle the issue with Congress leader (former guardian minister). Shahu approached the Congress leader to ensure his safety on the move he had made, but the latter refused to help him in any way and asked the former to get away from the issue, in lieu of which state chief of ruling party would get him a better work.

Now Shahu is in a state of fix and searching for some one who can help him. On the other hand, Shahu is in a tight corner created for him by the ruling party which is misusing its office.

The Kanak Resource Management in the name of garbage collection from entire city is still minting money from the NMC exchequer, but NMC officials and office bearers are just showing their connivance over the issue. Simple reason behind this ‘loot’ of NMC exchequer is that the palms of officials and office-bearers are allegedly well greased by the contractor, informed sources, adding that if any one tried to shout against such a grave irregularity, his palms too were greased.

In this way the RTI activist’s efforts were turned into a fiasco, just because the erring leaders of Congress and ruling party BJP joined hands.