Published On : Fri, Oct 7th, 2016

NMC Elections 2017 : Wards reservation list is out, boundaries of all 38 Prabhags announced


Nagpur: The anxiously awaited reservation of Prabhags for Nagpur Municipal Corporation elections to be held early in 2017 was announced on Friday (October 7). The draw of reservation was conducted at Dr Vasantrao Deshpande Hall in Civil Lines in the presence of Municipal Commissioner Shravan Hardikar and Additional Commissioner Ravindra Kumbhare. Boundaries of all 38 Prabhag have also been announced.

With the announcement of reservation of Prabhags, the fate of present corporators, political bigwigs and political future of new candidates has been decided. Many of them will find the situation “tricky.”

Briefing the gathering and media, the Additional Municipal Commissioner Ravindra Kumbhare said that the total numbers of Prabhags will be 38. The 37 Prabhags will have four-member ward while one Prabhag will have three members. The Prabhag-1 is based in North Nagpur and the last Prabhag-38 is in South-West Nagpur. 30 seats have been reserved for SC, and 12 seats are reserved for ST candidates. At the same time, 41 seats have been reserved for OBC candidates. The composition 34 seats will be such where male or women candidates can fight the poll. Two seats in each Prabhag have already been reserved for women candidates.

The first draw was held to decide the 30 seats for SC candidates serially. The Prabhags are 2 (having largest population of Scheduled Caste), 7, 9, 17, 33, 6, 1, 35, 13, 38, 34, 24, 5, 14, 37, 12, 23, 4, 3, 32, 31, 10, 25, 16, 29, 36, 11, 20, 30 and 26. Thereafter, draw for women SC candidates in 15 Prabhags was held. According to the draw, Prabhags 10(A), 2(A), 38(A), 20(A), 4(A), 25(A), 14(A), 23(A), 5(A), 36(A), 7(A), 29(A), 31(A), 12(A) and 9(A) have been reserved for women SC candidates.
Later, the draw for 12 ST seats was held. The Prabhags reserved for ST candidates include 20, 5, 22, 21, 8, 13, 34, 14, 10, 3, 12 and 29. Out of these ST Prabhags, six were reserved for ST women candidates. These are 21(A), 8(A), 13(B), 29(B), 20(B) and 12(B).

In the draw for 3 Prabhags reserved for OBC women candidates include 28(B), 27(B) and 19(B) out of 15(B), 18(B), 19(B), and 28(B).

Later, out of the remaining Prabhags where reservation for two women candidates each could not be done, the they were reserved for OBC women candidates in accordance with the State Election Commission directives. These Prabhags include 1, 3, 6, 11, 16, 17, 19, 22, 24, 26, 27, 28, 30, 32, 33, 34, 35, and 37. The remaining Prabhags for OBC candidates include 2(B), 4(B), 5(B), 7(B), 8(B), 9(B), 10(B), 13(B), 14(B), 15(B), 18(B), 21(B), 23(B), 25(B), 31(B), 36(B), and 38 (B). Three additional Prabhags for OBC women candidates are reserved and they are 23(B), 36(B) and 5(C).

Finally, Kumbahre announced reservation for women candidates in Open category. These Prabhags include 1(C), 2(C), 3(D), 4(C), 6(C), 7(C), 8(C), 9(C), 10(D), 11(C), 13(D), 14(D), 16(C), 17(C), 19(C), 21(C), 22(C), 23(C), 25(C), 26(C), 27(C), 30(C), 31(C), 32(C), 33(C), 33(C), 34(D), 35(C), 36(C), 37(C) and 38(C). Apart from these, Prabhags 15 and 18 are reserved for two Open category women each.

हिंदी मे यह न्यूज़ पढ़ने के लिए यहा क्लिक करे 

After the mandatory draws, the remaining 50 percent seats for male candidates in all 38 Prabhags was automatically done. Accordingly, Prabhag 1 has got the seat reservation of one SC and one male Open candidate, Prabhag 2 for one OBC and one Open candidate, Prabhag 3 for one SC and one ST candidate, Prabhag 4 for one OBC and one Open, Prabhag 5 for one ST and one Open, Prabhag 6 for one SC and one Open, Prabhag 7 for one OBC and one Open, Prabhag 8 for one OBC and one Open, Prabhag 9 for one OBC and one Open, Prabhag 12 for one OBC and one Open, Prabhag 13 for one SC and one Open, Prabhag 14 for one ST and one OBC, Prabhag 16 for one SC and one Open, Prabhag 17 for one SC and one Open, Prabhag 20 for one OBC and one Open, Prabhag 21 for one OBC and one Open, Prabhag 22 for one SC and one Open, Prabhag 25 for one OBC and one Open, Prabhag 26 for one SC and one Open, Prabhag 28 for two Open, Prabhag 29 for one OBC and one Open, Prabhag 30 for one SC and one Open, Prabhag 31 for one OBC and one Open, Prabhag 32 for one SC and one Open, Prabhag 33 for one SC and one Open, Prabhag 34 for one SC and one ST, Prabhag 35 for one SC and one Open, Prabhag 37 for one SC and one Open, and in Prabhag 38 one OBC seat is reserved for male candidate.

According to 2011 Census, population of Nagpur City is 24,47,494. The population of Scheduled Caste within municipal limits is 4,80,759. The population of ST is 1,88,444. In the next election, NMC will have a total 151 members. Each Prabhag will have four members and the average population 64834. The maximum population in the Prabhags could be 71317 and the minimum 58351. The Prabhag having three members could have average population 48624. The maximum population could be 53488 and minimum of 43764.


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