Published On : Wed, Aug 12th, 2015

NMC Contractors Election: Nayudu panel makes sweeping victory



In the just concluded NMC Contractors Welfare Association’s election, whose results were declared during wee hours of Aug 12, the Nayudu panel has made sweeping victory by capturing all 11 seats of office bearers in the association. This panel will now rule for 5 years on the association.

It may be recalled that Vijay Nayudu was removed form the association by holding a non-confidence meeting at Ravi Bhavan against him, about 5-6 months ago. The allegations then levelled against him included his indulgence in distribution of contract to favourites, sharing of profit money and specific share of profit in the name of Contractors Association, though this profit was never deposited in the account of the association.

According to a Nayudu loyalist, the amount of ‘naal’ (contractors’ parlance) had reached about Rs 20 lakh, known to a few only. If any one tried to know the details of ‘naal’, Nayudu would say that it was circulated among officials, office bearers and special associates, and then all would keep quiet. All such matters had then displeased members of association against Nayudu. However, it was then decided that the association must go for election, and whichever panel won, it would rule the association. The winds favoured Nayudu and now he is elected president of the association with 273 votes while Matin is elected treasurer of the association with 271 votes. Each member of Nayudu panel has bagged 225 votes in all the seats that were contested.

Nayudu also enjoys support of ruling party and the opposition in the NMC. Ruling party never wanted that the stature of Ramzan should be raised up in the NMC through contractors. The Ruling party wants simply the votes of Ramzan and Aslam Khan, and not their participation in the ruling in any way. Thus, the ruling party’s role in the defeat of Ramzan panel cannot be ruled out.

Tender-fixing will start again
Vijay Nayudu is infamous for tender-fixing. A big faction of profiteering from ‘naal’ through tender-fixing is in active politics in the NMC. Tender-fixing also means payment of bills to contractors in time and warding off delay in finalizing the bills. Such a situation is likely to be reestablished with emergence of Nayudu panel. It is left to the time whether the NMC commissioner will be able to lay check on such illegal practice or not.

Regular contractors and officials unhappy with Nayudu
Though Nayudu panel has won the election of Nagpur Contractors Welfare Association, a group of regular contractors is not happy. This group also maintains distance from the contractors of lower and middle ranks. In the victory of Nayudu panel only those contractors have played major role who are not regular though registered. Such contractors and certain NMC officials will now always be careful about Nayudu.
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