NMC Commissioner foils conspiracy of some leaders of ruling and opposition parties

  • Agenda No 285 withdrawn by NMC Commissioner
  • NMC Commissioner claims that he is withdrawing the proposal for bringing 16 amendments in the Outdoor Advertising Policy 2001
  • Claimed will study more on the issue before proposing amendments


Nagpur: Some members of the ruling and opposition party had all the plans to get an approval to bring about the 16 amendments in the Outdoor Advertising Policy 2001. The NMC administration too was harping on getting the approval through the efforts of the members of the ruling and opposition party. However, Nagpur Today revealed the entire conspiracy and brought to fore the irregularity if committed.

The article caused the officials of Nagpur Municipal Corporation, office-bearers and other leaders of ruling and opposition party to be cautioned. And before the issue came to fore in the General Body Meeting, the Agenda Point No 285 which related to the proposed 16 amendments in the Outdoor Advertising Policy 2001 withdrawn by NMC Commissioner.

On December 1, 2016, the General Body Meeting of Nagpur Municipal Corporation was organized in the Town Hall situated in Mahal. The meeting started 1.5 hour later than the scheduled timing. After the Mayor brought the house to order, the Condolence meet was held at 11 am. Later after 12:30 pm, the Mayor gave the introductory remarks. Leader of Opposition Vikas Thakre raised the issue that he had sent a written note to include one more name in the list of people whose names appear on the condolence meet. He wanted to know why the name was not included.

Then Leader of Opposition Vikas Thakre started his comment and said that the notes of the denominations of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 were demonetized after the “Tuglaki Farmaan or Nirnay” of Modi Government.  In order to withdraw money from ATM many old people died. Their names should have appeared in the list of names that were paid tributes during the condolence meet. When this was a justified request, why was it denied by the house?

Mayor Praveen Datke while answering the query said that he did not get the request so was probably not included in the list. The Mayor went on to say that even if he gives the names, their names would be included and would be announced in the next NMC General Body Meeting or NMC Special Meeting.

Later while speaking to media personnel, Mayor Praveen Datke said that the Leader of Opposition Vikas Thakre had come to attend the GBM after the condolence meet.

Amidst chaos, din and commotion caused by Corporators of Opposition parties including BSP, NCP and Congress party, on the request of Leader of Ruling Party Dayashankar Tiwari, the Mayor started reading the issues on the agenda one by one. The members of the ruling party gave approval to these issues one by one based on the majority.

Mayor Praveen Datke then announced that in the issue in Point No 285 of Agenda (relating to the 16 amendments in the Outdoor Advertising Policy 2001) Nagpur Municipal Commissioner has sent a written request to him withdrawing the proposal. That is why the issue is being returned to him.

Nagpur Municipal Commissioner while addressing the house stated the on-line news portal Nagpur Today had systematically brought to fore the entire issue of outdoor advertisement policy. He added that the proposal was sent by them for approval but is now being taken back since he wants to make an in-depth study in the matter.

The leaders of ruling and opposition party saw the news article put up in Nagpur Today as media playing the role of an opposition. Had the issue been raised in the house, the NMC Administration and the leaders of Ruling party would have approved the issue and displayed a one-sided attitude. Of course it could also be told that many corporators do not anything about the issue, but a few who do know about the issue are well aware about the issue.

On the other hand, the Mayor and the Municipal Commissioner displayed and retained an image of a good administrator and good administration by withdrawing the proposal of bringing about 16 amendments in the Outdoor Advertising Policy 2001.