Published On : Wed, Jul 26th, 2017

Nitish divorces Lalu, does ‘first love’ BJP beckon?

Nitish Kumar
Patna: Just two minutes after Nitish Kumar resigned as Chief Minister of Bihar and the ‘Mahagatbandhan’ crumbles with a whimper, Modi tweeted his congratulations to Nitish.

Wrote Modi:

He followed that with:

The lightening speed with which the response from the PM and BJP came makes one wonder if the whole ‘drama’ was engineered by BJP / RSS?

Going after Lalu’s whole family with hammer and tongs, specially his son, the Dy C.M. of Bihar, was a calculated move that scripted what was to come.

There was no way Lalu would NOT stand by his son and Nitish had no option but to call it quits to preserve his own reputation and his ‘clean image’.

What happens now?

BJP spokespersons and leaders are behaving as if Nitish gettin back wit them is fait accompli.

But the wily politician that Lalu is, and the stubborn man that Nitish is, can they be taken for granted?

Can the RJD be written off like that?

Some nail biting times ahead for Bihar.

Shall we get to see the real ‘genetics’ and ‘DNA’ of Biharis now??