Published On : Mon, Jul 20th, 2015

‘Nithari’ like diabolic act!


15 minors raped and murdered:
Porno, alcohol, a movie ‘Maa’ induced him to crime


What a diabolic act! Murdering 15 minor children and sexual abuse to some of dead bodies reminds one of most heinous Nithari case of 2006. Had the stolen wallet containing money and driving licence possessed by accused Ravinder Kumar not fallen into hands of Delhi police, the incident of rape and murder of a 6-year old girl on July 14, as well as his confession of a series of diabolic acts on his part would not have come to the fore.

What is sensational and startling is the brutal serial killings in the capital by the alleged offender of young age. According to the Deli police, Ravinder Kumar committed first crime as the rape and murder of a labourer’s daughter – when he was merely 17 years old. Although he was arrested last year for an alleged sodomy and attempt to murder of a boy, he was released last month on bail.

Kumar had been working as a helper with a truck driver for his survival. He came from a poor family from a village in Badayun in western Uttar Pradesh. His father was a plumber and had shifted to Karala in outer Delhi along with his family to earn bread. Sources said, Ravinder was a quiet young man who mostly kept to himself and did not talk much with people. He even did not appear to be an individual with criminal tendencies.

Kumar is reported to have said to a news website that porn films shown to him by friends and alcohol incited him to commit the crimes. He is also said to have been influenced by a film “Maa” which showed an actor raping and murdering children. Kumar is alleged to have picked out some of his victims when he accompanied his father for work as a plumber.

According to the psychologists, Kumar’s case is one of necrophilia, and associated it with a possible lack of self-esteem and an inability to build normal relationships with people.

With Kumar’s arrest on July 16, the police claim to have booked him as the accused in 15 cases of child sexual abuse and murder. However, the days ahead will highlight more about the accused nabbed by police..