Published On : Tue, Sep 6th, 2016

NIT scraps mutation process to avoid duplication of work

Deepak Mhaisekar in NIT Meeting  (2)

Nagpur: In a major move, the Nagpur Improvement Trust (NIT) has scrapped the condition of mutation of properties in NIT records in order to avoid duplication as the job is also done by City Survey Office. The decision was taken in a meeting of the Board of Trustees of NIT on Saturday (September 3). NIT is leasing out its property like plots, shops, and flats on 30-year lease to buyers. The mutation of properties in NIT also is compulsory, resulting in duplication of process as buyer already gets done the mutation of his/her property at City Survey Office.

To stop such duplication, NIT has decided to stop mutation of properties with it. NIT has decided to scrap mutation process so that the people can get relief from duplication of the process. The Trust will carry out mutation of property as per the records of City Survey Office and Land Records office.

The Trust has leased out 31,736 plots for residential, industrial, and commercial purposes under NIT Rules of 1955 and 1983. Also, NIT has leased out 2,096 properties of 572/1900 layouts for next 30 years on permanent lease. The trust has distributed 21,454 properties in the city under a scheme for financially weaker sections. It has leased out 5,790 flats and shops under its housing scheme to various persons. Further, it has recovered administration fees of Rs 500/- for mutation of properties with it.
In another decision, the NIT has also scrapped the condition of obtaining its ‘No Objection Certificate’ (NOC) for sale and purchase of properties on NIT lands. Notably, NIT used to seek NOC for sale, mortgage, will deed, and transfer of properties under Section 22 (A). Supreme Court also had termed this condition as unconstitutional in a case — Rajasthan Vs Vasant Nahata — in 2009. Revenue and Forest Department of Maharashtra Government in its order dated November 8, 2006 also scrapped all such conditions for obtaining NOC from perpetual lease plot holders.

The NIT is not seeking any NOC from plot-holders of undeveloped layouts but NOC for plots on NIT land was compulsory. Obtaining NOC from NIT was a very tedious process as touts were demanding hefty money from plot-holders for the work. While granting NOC, the Trust recovered ground rent dues, unearned income, premium on additional construction, lease renewal fees, and mortgage registration fees from plot-holders. However, with scrapping of NOC condition, all these also may get affected. Therefore, NIT has decided to form a special team for recovery of dues from plot-holders.