Published On : Wed, Jun 26th, 2013
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New Rotary President Prashant Kale vows to make a better tomorrow for poor kids

Smita Kale, Anita Sood, Manju Shahni and Tauby Bhagwagar

Nagpur News:

Prashant Kale was named new President of the Rotary Club of Nagpur (Main) at Fionna Lounge meeting. The present President Atul Shah announced the name of new President to lead and take the legacy of Rotary ahead.

Speaking to Nagpur Today, the Businessman, Entrepreneur & Social Worker, who aws appointed the new President of Rotary Club of Nagpur (Main), Prashant Kale said “I take this as an opportunity to give back to the society, I believe the society gives us so much and when given an opportunity to be a Rotary is big enough and now leading it makes me feel honored”.

Asked on his plans & agenda’s for the coming year, Prashant Kale said “I have 365 days to perform and take the legacy of service ahead , I have a lot of plans which will not just change and help the underprivileged ,but we would now make the tomorrow  the school children to get associated today and make it a better tomorrow”.

“Rotary as in whole does a lot and I expect some more people should take out some time from their daily routine and stand by the initiatives in terms of some much like cleaning of Nag river, educating traffic rules, helping the underprivileged for medical aids., there is so much to do but then for everything you need support, you need hands,” says Prashant Kale.

Speaking to a Rotarian and son Sarang Kale says “In our family everyone is a Rotarian and I know my father will raise the bar and standards of social work and give a new platform for the society to get more happiness. I wish him all the best”.

The only message I would like to give to people of Nagpur is “Try to live for others and you will change the WORLD”.

“All that ends well is well” was a great way to end the evening and to start the new trends for future.

Nagpur Today wishes all the Best to Prashant Kale.

Yash Raj Trivedi