Published On : Wed, Jun 10th, 2020

NC offence against Koradi PI for beating up youth in Gittikhadan

Nagpur: Gittikhadan Police have registered a non-cognisable offence against Senior Police Inspector (PI) and incharge of Koradi Police Station Vazeer Sheikh for allegedly beating up a youth.

According to police, Vivek Ranjit Yadav (24), a resident of Plot No. C1, Anant Nagar, Rathod Lay-out, stopped his motorcycle near Rathod lawn at 10.30 pm. At the same time, PI Sheikh was traveling in a car (MH- 06-AP-5505). He told the victim to put the motorcycle aside. The complainant alleged that PI Sheikh had beaten him during an argument.

Though, PI Vazeer Sheikh has denied the allegations clarified that the youth was not beaten and he only asked him to pull the motorcycle aside. Action was taken against the complainant a few days ago.