Published On : Wed, Sep 17th, 2014

Naxals destroyed Govt properties worth Rs 2 cr since past 22 yrs in Gadchiroli, Gondia districts

The properties, including basic facilities, telecommunication, electricity and other structures constructed by Government for development and prosperity of Adivasi community in remote and hilly terrains of Gadchiroli and Gondia districts, have fallen victims to deadly Naxal movement, revealed Maharashtra Police.

Naxal Destroyes gov.
Nagpur News 
: Naxalism or Red Terror, the ominous hurdle in the development of Adivasi community and backward areas, has created a havoc of sorts in Maharashtra’s bordering districts of Gadchiroli and Gondia. The Naxals, in a well-planned conspiracy to stall development, have so far torched or damaged basic facilities, telecommunication, electricity and other structures as well such as Government properties and vehicles worth a staggering Rs 2,25,59,495 (Rs 2.25 crore). The facilities and structures aimed at development and prosperity of tribals dwelling in remote and hilly terrains of Gadchiroli and Gondia districts, have fallen victims since the past 22 years of deadly Naxal movement, revealed a press release issued by Anti-Naxal Cell of Maharashtra Police.

The Naxals with their nefarious designs trap the innocent Adivasis in the name of resolving their problems and recruit them for their bloody actions. The extremists always fear that the development of backward areas will distance the Adivasis from their ill-intentioned plans. Therefore, they put every sort of roadblock in the development process for which Maharashtra Government has been striving since years. With this fear in their minds, Naxals created a terror by way of burning and damaging basic facilities, telecommunication towers and equipment, electricity poles and equipment and other Government properties totally worth Rs 2,25,59,495 since the past 22 years. The telecommunication and electricity facilities have facilitated development of Adivasi community as every village in the remote and hilly terrains of Gadchiroli and Gondia district flourished and brought the tribals into mainstream. But the Government is determined to push the development works in tribal areas forward with full strength, said the police release.

The red extremists torched and damaged 53 Gram Panchayats, the focal points of development of villages, and thus caused devastation of Government properties to the tune of Rs 51,78,265. The Naxals in the maximum destruction from 1992 to 2014, destroyed 50 Gram Panchayat in Gadchiroli district alone thereby causing loss of whopping Rs 49,84,765 to Government while 3 Gram Panchayats in Gondia district were wrecked that put the Government at loss of Rs 1,93,500, stated the press release issued by State police..

The Naxal movement started spreading its tentacles in Vidarbha’s districts in 1980. The extremists first captured the vast jungles of the area and then resorted to extorting money from tendu patta contractors. After the initial success, Naxals unleashed a reign of terror by doling out life threats to contractors carrying out development works and indulged in torching of vehicles, woods.

Destruction of Gram Panchayats:
The first incident damaging Government properties was reported the night of February 23-24 in village Jimalgatta of Aheri Taluka. The Naxals destroyed election material of Zilla Parishad and thereafter the havoc wreaked by the extremists continues till date.
The Rs 49,84,765 loss to Government properties 50 Gram Panchayats in Gadchiroli district include destruction of records, furnitures and Gram Panchayat structure in Vairagad to the tune of Rs 18,18,200 in single incident. Similarly, the extremists ravaged 17 Gram Panchayat properties worth Rs 10,87,275 in Etapalli taluka, Vengnur Gram Panchyat worth Rs 1,25,000, 9 Gram Panchayats in Korchi taluka to the tune of Rs 8,08,000 and other Gram Panchayat properties worth lakhs in Gadchiroli district.

In Gondia district, the Naxalites burned and damaged properties of three Gram Panchayats in Devri, and Salekasa talukas causing loss to Government to the tune of Rs 1,93,500.

Collapse of telecommunication, other services:
The Government had created a network of telecommunication by constructing towers and other structures in remote and hilly terrains with the sole aim of developing Adivasi areas in Gadchiroli and Gondia districts. But the Naxals torched and wrecked these facilities with the nefarious motives of depriving Adivasis of development fruits. The extremists attacked telecommunication centres and other areas and damaged the towers and other equipment worth Rs 1,41,00,230 in different Gram Panchayats of both the districts. Similarly, electricity facilities too were devastated by the Naxals to the tune of Rs 32,81,000.

However, the Adivasi community and other people summarily rejected the movement of Naxals and also dared them by voting in every election by massive numbers. It showed the people have understood the importance of development, asserted the press release issued by Maharashtra Police.