Published On : Thu, Sep 18th, 2014

Inmate about to finish life term flees Central jail ; Authorities launch manhunt

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An inmate who had been serving life sentence here in Central jail, ran away from the farm field, he was put to work in, as a part of his term, on Wednesday. He was supposed to serve one and a half year more to complete his term, however, he ran much before that, taking advantage of the trust he won during these years. Sentenced for life for commiting a murder in Wardha, he was initially put up at Wardha jail and then brought here after being shifted to few other jails.

The inmate named Suraj Shyam Arkhel was being kept in open jail owing to his good conduct. On Wednesday, he was reportedly escorted to work in fields by constable Sanjay Thokal who could not gauge his intentions when Suraj excused himself for the loo. He was allowed into bushes to relieve. When he did not return for quite some time, Sanjay went into looking for him only to discover that Suraj had actually fled.

Entire mechanism swung into action as the constable raised an alarm but Suraj could not be traced till the time of going to the post.

Senior Jail Officer R.S. Chandne has alerted Dhantoli police and also reported the matter to Inspector General and Deputy Inspector General.

Sources said the inmates kept in open jail are usually dealt easy as compared to other prisoners and Suraj gained on this privilege while materialising his plan.