Nature’s Karishma: Once dried up, depleted, Gorewada Lake is full up to brim, now!

Nagpur: The scenario is different! The transformation is total and incredible. Wonderful are the ways of Mother Nature in blessing its creation! Once dried up and depleted, Gorewada Lake, lifeline of Orange City, is now full of water much to the delight of citizens.

Following harsh summer in 2019 as well as deficient rainfall the previous year, Gorewada Lake suffered the brunt and dried up. It was for the first in 100 years, the lake dried up and depleted much to the chagrin of nature lovers and citizens as well.

But the picture has now changed with the blessings of Mother Nature. Following a spell of good rain, Gorewada Lake is at its natural best. The lake is full up to its brim now with approx 315 Mtr water.

It was 100 and more years back in the regime of Gond King Raje Bakht Bulandshah, a woman named “Sita Gondin” built this lake and was known as “Gond Lake”. At that time, a dam admeasuring 2350 feet x 52 feet made of clay was built to stop water. Later in British era, an engineer “Major Golden” developed it and since then it is known as Gorewada Lake. Presently, it has capacity to store 6.5 MM3 water (1 Week) & is the “Water Bank” of Nagpur City.