Published On : Thu, Sep 26th, 2013

National TV Channel reporter alleges rape by a Hindi daily newspaper Sports Reporter

Several girl students were sexually exploited by the teachers not only in a particular college but some other colleges also. The devilish minded teachers allegedly lured the girls by various ways and means like allegedly promising them of good marks, specifically in the practical examinations.

Nagpur News.

The episode of alleged rape of a Mass Communication student, who was also working with a National TV Channel as reporter, allegedly by a journalist, who also taught  a subject of the course, took an explosive turn when the girl allegedly revealed that several girl students were sexually exploited by the teachers not only in a particular college but almost all colleges. The devilish minded teachers allegedly lured the girls by various ways and means like allegedly promising them of good marks, specifically in the practical examinations. However, the allegations of the girl holds how much water is subject to investigation and reports of the competent authorities. And most importantly, the alleged revelation by the girl might be based on an aberration (Isolated case) and could not be considered the overall scenario.

The girl students, who fell prey to the alleged tactics of allurement and the so-called promises of increasing their marks by the teachers not in a specific college but other colleges too, could not gather the courage and come out against the crime due to the fear of bad name, stigma in the society and the subsequent dark future, the girl alleged.


Satish Dandare

It may be recalled, the girl, a MA Final student of the Mass Communication in Dhanwate National College, had alleged her rape by lecturer Satish Dandare (33), a resident of Plot No. 102, Khare Town. Satish Dandare is working as a Sports Reporter in a Hindi daily newspaper of Nagpur and also teaches the subject Public Relations, a part of the Mass Communication course. The 27-year girl, who is an avid reader of the Nagpur Today portal newspaper, contacted it for narration of sequence of the entire episode. The Nagpur Today scribe Ravikant Kamble contacted her and agreed to share her pain by listening to her painful experience and the girl too agreed to narrate her traumatic experience even in front of camera.

The girl, a native of Assam, started narrating the sequence. She said, she came to Nagpur with an ambition of becoming a journalist and took admission in Dhanwate National College for the very purpose. Satish was teaching me the Public Relations subject. However, the Guru-Shishya Parampara (Student-Teacher Tradition) slowly and steadily turned into good personal relations. Once she faced some difficulties in practicals so she called Satish and told him about the difficulties. The girl alleged Satish called her at his house and after 2-3 hours the practical difficulties were removed by detailed discussion on the subject. However, when she was leaving Satish’s house, he allegedly caught hold of her hand. But he immediately released her hand when angrily stared at him.

However, when she again faced some difficulties, she called Satish and apprised him of her problems, Satish allegedly called her to his house to resolve the problems. But this time, Satish allegedly raped forcibly and also said sorry and allegedly asked her to forgive him. But their relations “blossomed” when the Mass Communication students were taken on a study tour to Hyderabad in 2013. In Hyderabad, Satish allegedly “proposed” her and “promised” marriage with her, the girl said. Thereafter, the girl said, Satish allegedly frequently established physical contacts with her by promising “marriage” with her.


The girl, in the course of narrating her horrid experience, allegedly revealed that Satish videographed their sexual actions and thereafter, allegedly threatened her to make the video clip public. The girl narrated that even she had not come to terms with traumatic episode of “videography,” she accidentally got possession of laptop of Satish. The alleged chats Satish had with his friend left her shocked and also outraged. The alleged chats revealed that the friend of Satish talking trapping of the girl from Assam or China. The chat allegedly revealed the friend asking Satish to tell the girl to sleep with him also.

The 27-year old Mass Communication student of Dhanwate National College lost her patience and the outraged girl directly went to Commissioner of Police K K Pathak’s office and personally narrated her horrible experience to him. The top police boss immediately asked the Ambajhari Police Station to take cognizance of the girl’s complaint and sent the girl to Ambajhari Police Station accompanied by a policeman. However, the Ambajhari PSI Katkade told her to approach Sitabuldi Police Station. The girl, accompanied by a policeman, reached the Sitabuldi Police Station and lodged a complaint against Satish Dandare.

The Sitabuldi police registered an FIR against the accused lecturer Satish Dandare under Sections 376, 417 of the IPC and launched a manhunt for Satish who is absconding.

However, before lodging the complaint with police, the girl had given written complaint the Head of the Department of Mass Communication informing of the “ugly” actions of Satish Dandare. But no action was taken against him. Another teacher even supported Satish by advocating Satish could not resort to such actions.