Published On : Fri, Sep 1st, 2017

Namesake : Nagpur social activist applies to form NGO called RSS

Nagpur: Ace political mentor Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) has been basking in the glory of its legendary, not only for the popularity and political might it gained over the years but also for the big name it has made.

But as the things have developed it appears RSS may have to part ways with the unique identity reflected through its name. If a former corporater of Nagpur Municipal Corporation and social activist Janardhan Moon gets a go through from Charity Commissioner he would be soon walking out with his newly formed NGO bearing the name RSS. The development came in the light of the fact that RSS is not a registered organisation and anybody can register such an organisation under the same name.This may land RSS in sheer embarassment who tried to wipe away the blues it is supposed to land in.

However talking to a media house, a senior RSS activist, Virag Pachpore admitted that the RSS was not a registered organisation. The Sangh insists on self-sufficiency. Every need, including financial is fulfilled by the swayamsevaks themselves, he added.

Another RSS worker tried to put up the ethical difference between his party and others saying, “Sangh does not accept donations or sponsorships from anybody. The swayamsevaks contribute as per their ability in the spirit of selfless sacrifice in the form of Guru Dakshina.”

Janardhan Moon

On the other hand, Moon was confident that he would certainly get a go ahead as there is not techinical hinderance. Moon had applied online for registration of his organisation to the charity commissioner on Monday and later submitted all necessary documents for consideration.

The application bearing no. 615/17 has been put up at city’s charity office located at Civil Lines in Nagpur. Meanwhile, the executive body of the organisation has been informed that the Charity Department has put up a hearing on September 8 in order to take the call for the registration of this institution.

If anybody has any say or objection in this regard, then it is also said to be registered. Therefore, the hearing of the members of the organization and supporters of all the executive bodies are being looked into.

Supporting his stand Moon claimed that the existing RSS website does not provide any annual report, registration or information too. “I have verified the fact that there is no any such registered organisation all over the country and after that I sought a registration in my organisation (RSS) before the competent authority.”

Sources said that under the prevailing circumstances there is nothing much RSS can do about the development. Senior RSS leader and Akhil Bharatiya Pracharak Pramukh Manmohan Vaidya reacted over the issue saying that such a gimmick isn’t worthy of any importance. Vaidya has however left it on the charity commissioner to decide on the same.

RSS has been on the target of rivals over the issue for quite a considerable period of time. Earlier, the senior Congress leader and AICC general secretary Digvijay Singh said that the RSS was an unregistered organisation and asked it to reveal details about the funds it collects annually. The RSS was set up on Vijayadashami day (September 27) in 1925 in Nagpur by Dr Keshav Baliram Hedgewar. Five Maharashtrian Brahmins – all doctors and Tilakites – Dr BS Moonje, Dr LV Paranjpe, Dr BB Tholkar, Dr Ganesh Damodar Savarkar (younger brother of Veer Savarkar) and Dr Hedgewar himself set up the organisation.