Nagpur’s top school breaks lockdown norms while officials keep mum

Nagpur: In a classic example of how the so called reputed educational institutions are operating like mafia influencing the educational officials, a top convent school at Dabha off Katol road, has been openly violating the lockdown norms. Defying the Centre and State Government’s orders and ignoring the local body directives, this top notch English medium school has sent out the notifications to the parents and summoned them to the school premises to collect books and copies.

But when Nagpur Today brought this glitch to the notice of top education officer, he chose to pass the buck onto his secondary Deputy Education Officer.

In an unsigned notification allegedly sent by the Principal, parents have been allotted class wise timings to visit the school premises to pay and collect the books and stationery. Baffled over the notice received to them, few parents approached Nagpur Today and registered their anguish over the whimsical attitude of the school administration. Many other parents questioned the motive of the school which they believe is least worried about the safety of the parents and instead focusing on collecting money.

When Nagpur Today contacted Education Officer Chintaman Wanjari over phone, he just hanged up saying that he had informed the matter to his Secondary Deputy Education Officer and looking into the matter. However he failed to reply what action they would be taking against the school management for violating the lockdown norms.

Nagpur Today View

At a time when the medical experts and district administration are on their toes to contain the spread of Coronavirus, such a careless attitude aimed at money making is certainly not expected from an institution like school where kids are expected to learn how to be a responsible citizen.

Instead of turning blind eye towards the blatant violation and becoming puppets at the hands of education mafia, the education department should take stern action against such schools to teach them a lesson which shall set a strong example before all those schools who have such a move up their mind. NMC Commissioner Tukaram Mundhe should levy hefty penalty upon this school.