Nagpur’s new CP draws action plan to fight Covid-19 among cops

Nagpur: In a significant move to contain the spread of novel Corona Virus (Covid-19) which has also wreaked havoc among cops, the Nagpur Police Chief, Amitesh Kumar prepared an action plan to boost the immunity of the cops. The top cop issued an advisory, asking the police officials to prescribe certain medicines that are useful for prevention against Corona and urged them to start taking them immediately. Nagpur police will also get reimbursement of the cost, the top cop assured.

The medicine comprise:

1. Celin 500 mg – Twice Daily
2. Zincovit – One tablet after dinner
3. Arachitol 60000 IU – 1 bottle every week for 4 weeks
4. Evion- 1 tablet after dinner
5. Camphor 1M – 4 pills morning and evening for two days. Repeat after 15 days

Apart from the medications as above, following steps may be taken:

1. Use of mask always and sanitisers frequently.
2. Drinking hot water every hour.
3. Steam inhalation as frequently as possible.
4. Oxygen Saturation / fever monitoring atleast twice daily. Incase Oxygen is below 95% and /or slightest fever they must inform to the medical officer.
5. Loss of taste and loss of smell be also informed to MO.

Speaking to media personnel after taking charge as the police commissioner, Amitesh Kumar on Saturday, said his priority was to deal with Covid-19 outbreak and preparing an action plan to curb the law and order problems in Nagpur city.