This year, Nagpur cops excel in crime detection

Nagpur:When the lockdown was announced to contain the novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) outbreak, Nagpur Police had two jobs at hands — to enforce lockdown norms and prevent any anti-social activities within city limits. While doing so, the strategic approach and remarkable execution on the ground zero not only helped the cops in containing Corona cases but also registering significant crime drop along with impressive detection rate this year.

The data compiling the offenses registered in the month of March, April and May in the last three years, year 2020 tops with 63% detection rate, while the same period witnessed 56% detection rate in 2019 and 53% in 2018.

Between March and May 2020, Nagpur witnessed a total 1134 offences, out of which 715 cases i.e. 63% of the total cases were detected. The vigilant Nagpur cops registered 100% detection rate in cases of murders, attempt to murder, dacoity, extortion, breach of trust, rape, assault on public servant and offence under Section 498 A while 96% detection was in cases of riots, 99% in hurts, 93% under Section 354 of IPC.

In 2019, total 2077 cases were registered between March and May. 1160 out of which were detected with 56% rate. Cases of dacoity, extortion, riots and offence under Section 498 A of IPC saw 100% detection rate. While cases of murder registers 93%, attempt to murder 95%, hurts 94%, rape 98%, assault on public servant 92%, under Section 354 IPC 95% detection rate.

The month of March, April and May in 2018 witnessed the lowest of past three years i.e. 55% detection rate. In total 2187 cases only 1205 cases were detected. The cases of murder, dacoity attempt, extortion, assault on public servant and offence under Section 498 A of IPC seen the 100% detection rate. While the cases of attempt to murder saw 92% detections, riots 93%, hurts 96%, rape 98%, 96 % detections in offence under Section 354