Nagpur Weather Shift : Mighty winds uproot poles, trees, rains bring respite in city

Nagpur: In a sudden twist in weather on Saturday evening in Nagpur, a heavy sandstorm supported by high winds caught the Nagpurians unaware as it brought some respite from the blazing heat, though it unleashed a trail of horror in the city.

The stormy winds and sandstorm got up at around 5 pm on Saturday. The force of winds uprooted many trees and electric poles, while the commuters were seen rushing to safe places.

Later the strong winds also brought heavy rains for couple of minutes, leaving a the roads in a pool of water.
Such was the impact of winds that it lifted the sandstorms too high, tearing off the hoardings placed at busy squares of Nagpur.

The official information as to what brought the change in weather was yet to come from Met department, however citizens are seeing it as early signs of monsoon.