Published On : Mon, Nov 11th, 2013

Nagpur University standards fall down further; Students express aversion

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The once prestigious university of Nagpur has found its place amidst controversy yet again. With Pranab Mukherjee’s refusal to attend the hundredth convocation of the university with just 10 days to go, the university glares at a financial loss, not to forget immense humiliation if the event is to be cancelled.  RTMNU couldn’t have picked a better time to obliterate the meagre esteem that is left of this institution.  Soon after the President turned down NU’s invitation, the rumours of delay of the coming winter exams have spread like wildfire.

The substandard management of the university has repeatedly toyed with the students’ futures. The concept of revaluation was devised to help the students in case the examiners falter and has been in practice for many years. But with the development of semester pattern examinations, students fail to   complete the long procedure within the little time they have before exams. Not only have the officials denied this being their mistake, they have gone a step ahead and blamed the colleges and lecturers for not delivering revaluation answer sheets on time.

To take a peek into the ongoing strategic play at the university, Nagpur Today spoke to the council members who have always favoured the students in time of crisis. Even though they form the backbone of our system, they decided to stay mum on this issue and maintained a diplomatic overlook.

Babban Taywade, member of Academic Council and Management Council insisted that the university is being disgraced for no good reason. “There is nothing wrong with our university.  Yes, the management has been sloppy because of certain issues being handled the wrong way. However, we cannot blame one person alone for this. Time and again we have requested our Vice Chancellor to look into the problems and come up with proper solutions because, eventually, the power lies with them. The revaluation system itself is flawed since students do not get enough time to complete the process. We have proposed a system of letting students apply directly for revaluation without getting into the tangles of answer books to make this process faster ”, he said.

Abhijeet Wanjari, member of the Academic Council believes the situation is not out of hand yet, and can be handled. “This convocation is precious for the university and we cannot have any sloppy management here. Our plan is to request the President to rethink his decision and clear all his queries. Or we will find another guest of equal repute for the function. As goes for the situation of the revaluation, the situation is totally under control. Our Vice Chancellor needs to take an action soon. It is very difficult to delay exams because rescheduling so many exams is next to impossible. The situation last year was very different. The Controller OF Examination has a different administration and he will take care of the situation. Whatever our decision will be, it will be in favour of the students”, he said.

Rahul Krishnani, President of Student Council who is also a law student of the university said, “The delay in the exams will only make the students suffer. This creates a cycle of delays in results and shorter semesters. Postponing the exams is not a solution to the problem. We are going to suggest the council to adopt a self code of conduct which will benefit the students in times like this when they have no proper answers to their queries and doubts. The code will be a major help in situations when the results are not out on time and students have no response from the university. Our examination system needs a reformation to save the quality of education from declining further.”

The victims of these blunders are innocent students whose futures are hanging by a thread. The students need to be heard and their voices need to reach the NU officials. Adopting a different method unlike last year’s protests, students have used electronic and print media to display their outrage. Despite the university’s disregard for the students’ views, Nagpur Today reached out to the students to give them a platform to express their anger and disgust towards the university’s fast diminishing reputation.

Himani Suchak, a final year B. Arch student said, “I think the university and its authorities should take futures of students more seriously. With the exams getting rescheduled and results not being declared on time, the students are losing faith in the university standards. If a student has to wait an entire semester to just find out if he has cleared the subjects or not he put for revaluation, he is frustrated. With the courses that have not been revised for years, what we learn is obsolete. What is the point of studying a course that is not up to the mark, especially technical courses where considering the present scenario is of primary importance?”

Pallavi Sharma, a final year B.E student said, “The University is now an epitome of blunder. Everything in the university is out of order. It seems the university is not efficient enough to handle this chain reaction which is caused by negligence and corruption. The University seems to assume that introducing partial Carry On system will cover all their faults. The photocopies of answer sheets aren’t out yet, let alone the result of challenge; the exams are a week away. The University is indeed in a sorry state and they should consider postponing the exams.”

Ruchika Priya, another final year student said, “Exams need to be postponed. Why should we students always suffer for the carelessness of the University? We want to ask the Vice Chancellor, why did this situation occur yet again this year, even after last year’s experience? Again, we do not have the photocopies of the answer sheets and our futures are again at stake. We need an answer. I feel sorry for having chosen RTMNU for my graduation. I am against this university.”

Surabhi Raj, a B.E. student said, “The VC has repeatedly said that the situation last year was different. He says exams will not be delayed and students must not fall prey to such rumours. I say different. The situation last year was exactly the same. Even last year, students with back papers suffered and this year too, they’re suffering. Repeatedly saying it’s the college’s fault for not collecting the answer sheets on time will not change anything. Due to this lack of co-ordination, we will be the ones who will face the brunt.”

Rhea Chakraborty said, “The University is playing with our minds. The President cancelling his plans to visit is a tight slap on the face of RTMNU’s management. If the rumours spread, then why does the university take so long to clear them out? Not only the students with back papers, but even the regular students have to endure this. The system as a whole is a big flop! While university and colleges are busy blaming each other, it’s the students who have to suffer.”

Piyush Singh said, “The VC is simply not concerned about our future. There are still so many students whose futures are dependent on the revaluation results. The administration must follow the rules that the university has always been following. Individual with authority must not impose their decisions on us.”

The anticipation continues to grow as the officials remain discreet about the disarray of events. A meeting scheduled on 11th November will clear some of the ambiguity. Will the students be granted their wish of delay of examinations or not, is yet to be seen. A firm decision that benefits all the students with no further chaos is expected.


…Shivangi Chaturvedi