Published On : Thu, Mar 26th, 2020

Nagpur trio help needy and hungry

Nagpur: When the Maharashtra curfew began quite suddenly and people were restrained from going out to work or carry on with their livelihoods, the spectre of Hunger loomed large.

This is when 3 friends, Shoeb, Sadaf and Asma spoke with each other and resolved they would do something about it.

Initially they pooled in Rs 5000/ per head and decided to purchase bare necessary food raw material to donate with the needy.

They used the huge platform of Nagpur Foodies to spread the word. This got them more donors too.

They soon began distributing the following ‘ package’ to desparate people.

they created a whatsapp group and start adding there helping nature friend,by the next day they had around 800kg of rice,some kg’s of dal’s,salt,aata and oil and many necessary things,along with 20+ members,so they planned kit accordingly.

The kit include 5kg rice,5kg aata,1-1 kg of dal(tuar and mung),1lit oil,1kg salt,1kg poha,100gm chai patti,1kg sugar,100gm packets of each haldi mirch and dhaniya powder,biscuits packet and 2 antiseptic soap.

They are preparing around 100kits in a day and distributing them to much needy people such as widows,single mother,rickshaw puller,cobbler,daily wagers who has no boss to support them.

they along with volanteers are equally concern for safety precaution,so proper social distance is maintained among volunteers,gloves while packing and mask on mouth.
Also due to curfew in town they are avoiding going into mass and calling the needy 1 by 1 to there places and delivering them.

They are accepting donation in form of commodity,if one wish to donate they can call on 9765330378

The active members working with them are ali bhai,pravin joseph,deepesh motwani,adv deeksha,shahid bhai and zoher.

They have appealed if you have any much needy person around you,you can call and give them the details

By thursday afternoon so many needy people began turning up that police used force to turn many back before they could get help