Published On : Tue, Nov 13th, 2012
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Nagpur travel Survey: Tourists prefer local stay over resorts, water parks.

Nagpur Travel News : As the vacation time proceeds, popular tourist destinations around the globe get tremendously crowded. However, the entire tourism scenario is seeing a peculiar but useful trend globally. People who love going places seem to be losing interest in staying at the commercial properties on account of the heavy rush and noisy surroundings there. Water parks and resorts feast on this diverted interest of tourists, who on other hand, look for staying in the homes of local people there, says the study conducted by a Nagpur based travel networking portal study was carried out on the changing patterns in tourism industry across India. The results also showed that there has been a sharp rise in the number of tourists at the places less explored or say, less crowded. Cashing on the trend, most of the water parks and resorts have mushroomed around these places but travelers prefer depending on the local people for staying and also exploring the particular place, the survey added.

Crowds not any more

According to the study, facilitation like resorts and water parks has projected a different face of tourism. David Urmann, CEO, said that there are various historical, religious, natural and socially significant places in and around Nagpur, thronged by the tourists from India and abroad as well. Presently, these places have registered a sharp decline on the tourism scale for the growing crowd and lack of facilities there. One of the reasons behind this trend is clearly the mushrooming upscale resorts and water parks near the cities. People now prefer greeting crowds in their precincts rather than moving out and meet inconvenience far off, he quipped quoting the survey.


Resorts feast on offers

The study further adds that while taking time off to less travelled places has appeared to be the niche of most of the middle and upper middle class people in India, the resorts which appeared to be the best bet for them seem to be losing its sheen. Though these services come with lucrative offers, it does not seem to be working effectively. Some offers free meals while few greet with complimentary welcome drinks. However, the hidden fact is that everything’s charged. The gimmick certainly works for business as till the time the consumer realizes this, a good fat bill amount already goes away from his pocket. This also ensures that customer will look for other option in his next visit. Such practices have certainly enhanced the scope for local people who would offer reasonably priced services and a great deal of complimentary information.


Homestays work best

The study claimed that while most of the resorts fall flat in catering to increasing number of people dropping by, the local people have proved to be of great help. The trend of connecting with the locals has certainly shifted the business from travel professionals to the smaller vendors. The local people are even understood to have the better knowhow of the places than any other expert. Most of the times, staying at somebody’s home with the help of locals comes as the best deal that no resort could offer. Jayesh Bagde, COO at revealed an incident in which one of his friends was offered a complimentary tour package by a resort in return for their stay there. While everything was okay during their first paid visit, the free package in the same resort was packed with horrifying experience. The room in which his family was put remained filthy and the bathroom was stinking. The couple returned the very next day leaving the offer unavailed. “It is here that local help stays ahead of such fake offers. This is the reason why has stressed upon providing quality local help through its organized mechanism worldwide,” quipped Jayesh.

Chance to explore more

While connecting with locals and staying in their homes as paying guest proves beneficial on the traveler’s pocket, it also helps them explore more about certain destination. Besides first hand information of the routes and services available, the travelers can conveniently know about the culture and living habits of the people there. Keeping up with this trend, Touristlink has schematically organized a set of local people registered on its portal. These people get the best deals to the users on their stay and even provide any service they want. The idea is to make the travelers feel at home. Of late, has garnered much fame with its unique travel related services through local vendors and quality services through cheaper options.


David Urmann and Jayesh Bagde