Published On : Tue, Oct 10th, 2017

Nagpur Spirits organises a session on ‘The Science of Selling’

Nagpur: Nagpur Spirits Round Table 258 organized a one of its kind Leadership and Personality Development Session on ‘The Science of Selling’ conducted by marketing wizard Sanjay Singh.

In his seminar Mr Singh demonstrated the various techniques and formulas that help a sales executive to promote and market his products. He also took an open mic question and answer session with the participants in which he cleared their doubts of handling and retaining clients.

Project Conveners Tr Kshitiz Agrawal and Tr Suhail Rana of Nagpur Spirits Round Table 258 worked hard to make it a fruitful and successful event.

Area LAPD Convener Tr Nilay Verma (NRT 83), Tr Saurabh Singhania ( Chairman NART 180), Tr Prateek Saraf (Secretary NTRT 299), HT Alkesh Saraf (NRT 83), HT Sidharth Saraf , HT Nikhil Agrawal (NSRT 258), IPC Tr Nitin Gopalani (NSRT 258), Chairman Tr Sanket Agrawal (NSRT 258), Tr Vishesh Agrawal, Tr Brajesh Murarka, Tr Narayan Rathi, Tr Ritesh Saraf, Tr Rohit Lakhotia, Pooja Agrawal and Jyoti Agrawal were present and participated actively in the session.