Published On : Fri, Sep 20th, 2019

Nagpur Round Table Members learns about Chocolate

Round Table India organised a workshop on “Know Your Chocolate” for its members of Nagpur and their children on 15th Sept initiated by Nagpur Round Table 83. Chef Lulua and Huzaifa Katawala from TriCous Chocolates and Academy were the facilitators of the event.

It was an interesting event for the children and their parents as they got to learn a lot about how to choose their chocolate and also some tips on how they can make their own chocolates at home. It turned out to be a perfect Sunday outing for the whole family as not only did everyone get to eat different varieties of chocolate but also learnt so much about their favourite food. The event was attended by the members of all Tables of Nagpur as well as Nagpur Ladies Circle.

Round Table India (RTI) is a non-profit organisation that does community service throughout the country through its chapters in various cities. Building schools for the under privileged children through their long term project of “Freedom Through Education”, is their prime objective.

Besides doing philanthropic work, RTI believes in keeping its members and their families motivated by having trainings and workshops on different topics through one of its facets called Leadership and Personality Development (LAPD). This event was held under the umbrella of this facet.