Published On : Thu, Jun 4th, 2015

Nagpur Railway Station Platform No. 8 will be ready in a week

DRM nagpurNagpur: This platform is the gateway to the busy Nagpur Railway station that sees hundreds of trains pass through it everyday for ‘old Nagpur’. (For the ignorant, Nagpur city is bifurcated by the Railway line. West of it is ‘new Nagpur’ and East is ‘old’). For all those coming from CA, Itwari, Mahal etc. this is the access point to the station while platform No. 1 is for ‘new’ Nagpur – it is the original entrance as planned by the British.

Platform No. 8 had been developed some years ago by DRM, Brajesh Mishra but had been devastated by a storm. The repairs and renovation work is being carried out under the guidance of new DRM O.P. Singh.
The first train that will be flagged off from here shortly will be the Duranto Express.

The renovated platform will have washable apron, sheds and a car coach. It will be accessible directly to cars coming to drop off or receive passengers and will be lit up artistically. The length of the platform is such that it can accomodate 24 train bogies.