Published On : Tue, Sep 6th, 2016

Nagpur Police releases caution notice with dos and don’t to prevent terrorist acts

WhatsApp Image 2016-09-05 at 12.30.42Nagpur: While releasing a list of 10 photographs of most wanted terrorists by National Investigating Agency (NIA), Nagpur Police has recently issued a warning to the general populace. Stickers and posters have been pasted on many sensitive areas of the city. This is done to make people aware of certain dos and don’ts so that they or the other fellow citizens do not become targets or victims of terrorists’ acts.

While speaking exclusively with Nagpur Today, Additional Commissioner of Police (Crime) Ranjan Sharma said that with the festivities beginning from today, large number of people will be gathering at various religious places. Nagpur Police is cautioning the citizens to be very alert. Ranjan Sharma added that this poster will be put up in all the Ganesh Mandals. People should immediately inform the police officials personally or on telephone numbers mentioned below about any suspicious person or articles. The cops will immediately take pro-active steps to remove the suspicious person or articles from the place where large people are present. Ranjan Sharma added that if the information provided is of importance and of good nature, the informant will be suitably rewarded. The names and identity of the informant will be kept confidential or secret.

The caution says:

  • Do not provide shelter to any unidentified person. If unidentified person approaches anyone with a view to seek shelter, the citizens are advised to immediately inform the local police station or police control room. Similarly, it is mandatory for all house-owners who are renting out their houses or those agents who help in getting house on rent to provide all details including photographs to nearby police stations.
  • Citizens have been time and again cautioned from touching or meddling with any abandoned suitcase, bag or even vehicle. They are advised to immediately inform the local police station or the phone numbers of Police Control Room on 100, 0712-2561222, 25664334 or on Anti-Terrorist Cell No 0712-2566649. Parts of new of old cycles, Alluminium boxes, Cookers, Battery etc. Those traders selling explosive material too should not sell explosive material to suspicious persons and inform the police about such persons who come to buy explosive material.
  • On a few occasions, vehicles were used to keep, carry bombs. Therefore if anyone spots any abandoned or suspicious vehicle including Cycle, Motorcycle, car etc they should immediately inform the police department.
  • Cyber Café owners or managers are warned not to permit entry of any suspicious person in their net cafe. Similarly, they are advised to take a Xerox copy of photo-identity cards of all those persons who comes to their Net-Cafes. They are also supposed to make an entry in a register before allowing them to access net-services.
  • Those telecom traders selling mobile sim cards should sell the sim cards only after ascertaining the identity of the person and getting all requisite forms signed and Xerox copies of the documents.
  • All those traders involved in buying and selling Hardware or Kabadi (Flee market) should take care of the goods being sold or purchased including iron nails, nut-bolts, iron filings etc. The names and identity of such person who is purchasing such goods should be entered in a register.
  • The suspicious persons often hide their identity or disguise themselves by wearing caps, carry sacks or bags on their shoulder, wear jeans pants and sports-shoes to pass off as students. Any person spotting any person who is resembling the 10 most wanted persons (wanted by NIA) or any other suspicious persons should immediately inform the police.
  • Citizens should not or avoid sending sensitive information can cause law and order problems to each other through whatsapp or other social media. Citizens should desist from spreading rumours and believing in them.
  • Terrorists do not have any religious or caste affiliations. Therefore all Indian citizens must come together and maintain unity in eliminating terror from its roots.