Nagpur pharmaceutical owner arrested in England

Allegations of smuggling forbidden drugs via meds

Nagpur: Tension prevailed in city pharmaceutical industry after England police arrested Telephone Exchange Square based pharma company owner Belani on the charges of smuggling forbidden drugs to European countries via medicines.

According to sources, Belani was engaged in the smuggling of drugs from quite some time. He used to transport drugs to many European countries. However, sniffing about this crucial information, the England police posed as customers who were interested in buying Belani’s firm medicines and called Belani on the pretext of signing some paper works regarding his firm. And soon as he reached England the cops booked him and placed him behind the bar.

It has been reported that the family and friends of Belani are running pillar to post to secure him bail. However, owing to severe charges of drugs smuggling many politicians have turned their blind-eye towards Belani families’ plea.

Belani was unknown to city pharma industry before he started making a specific medicine. Following which he landed in pool of money and received tremendous demands from both regional and foreign lands owing to the same medicine, source reported.

Though this incident has raised severe questions on the authenticity of city Food and Drug Department (FDA), the department is reportedly gearing up for raids to eliminate such irregularities.