Nagpur on cyber attackers’ radar! Accounts of renowned biz houses rumoured to be hacked

Nagpur: Renowned city based business house along with prominent IT firm are rumoured to become victims of a “sophisticated” cyber-attack. The hackers have reportedly demanded 5 crore plus amount in bitcoins, sources said

According to sources, the two firms had received automated alerts that their applications went down on Monday which effected their day to day accounting. While initially there was no logical explanation found regarding the abrupt halt, on further analysis, the ransomware attack was confirmed when cyber attackers reportedly contacted them for ransom.

The malware has infected several operations of IT firm which looks after accounts of many prominent companies besides that of the prominent business house. The cyber attack has halted their routine business operations. Although, no official complaint has been filed in this regards yet.

In the meantime, the systems of both the firms were disconnected from the network as an immediate measure, to contain the spread of virus.

The news has sent ripples across the business fraternity in the Second Capital of the State, as they are now ensuring more precautionary measures to secure themselves from such cyber attacks.

.. Shubham Nagdeve