Published On : Tue, Oct 14th, 2014

Nagpur North ready for Change, say confident BSP workers

Kishor Gajbhiye
Nagpur :
With elections less than 12 hours away, BSP office bearers and workers of North Nagpur are sure that change is on the way and their candidate Shri Kishor Gajbhiye, is sure to wrest this Vidhan Sabha seat from the Congress.

“This area is still so backward and has so many development problems that people are desparate for a change. And only a man of the caliber of Gajbhiye Saheb, who has been a Divisional Commissioner can tackle the many issues it faces” says Abhishek Shambharkar, Corporator from one of the North Nagpur wards.

Seconding him. Mr. Kshitij Sukhdeo Pakhide, President of Nagpur BSP avers that many organizations of Muslims like the Vidarbha Muslim League, United Muslims Nagpur North unit etc have openly come out in support of Mr. Gajbhiye. The Sikh and Sindhi communities are also with us . Kshitij states. He mentioned names like Mr. Habeeb Maulana, mass leader of Muslims who is with Mr. Gajbhiye.

Kishor Gajbhiye
Today, with canvassing over, Mr. Gajbhiye’s house was full of his party workers preparing for polls tommorow.

“Our workers are working self lessly with a lot of dedication without being compensated for petrol money even ” says Abhishek Shambharkar.
“At the final rally yesterday, we expected a maximum of thousand people to join, we were stunned when people kept coming in their cars with their families and joining…till finally there were 5000 people in the rally which was 1.5 kms long. More than 10,000 North Nagpur residents turned up for his public speech at Indora.”

Kishor Gajbhiye  (5)
The rally covered areas like Nari, Kaamgar Colony, Naara, Martin Nagar, Beson Bag, Indora, Thavre Colony, Lashkari Bag, Kamal Chowk, Vaishali Nagar, Teka Naka, Mahendra Nagar, Yadav Nagar, Vithoba Bhave Nagar, Peeli Nadi ending at Indora Maidan.

The turn out at the rally makes us confident that the entire Dalit samaj , or Ambedkar wadis are with us, as are the Minority community people. Said Abhishek.
Kishor Gajbhiye
Kishor Gajbhiye