Published On : Tue, Jun 23rd, 2020

Nagpur Mayor visits OCHRI

Discusses the concerns of Dhangarpura Jhopatpatti residents

We are presently treating only Non Covid patients hence nearby residents and incoming non Covid patients should not be unnecessarily worried- OCHRI

Orange City Hospital & Research Institute has been attending to all incoming Non Covid 19 patients round the clock throughout this pandemic period.

Recently Hon’ble Shri.Sandeep Joshi- Nagpur Mayor visited OCHRI and expressed satisfaction on the ongoing treatment to all incoming Non Covid patients requiring varied speciality treatment. He discussed the concerns of adjoining 5000 Dhangarpura Jhopatpatti residents who had objected to OCHRI being asked to keep one block in readiness to admit Covid patients.

Dr.Anup Marar- OCHRI Director submitted to Hon’ble Mayor that NMC authorities have subsequently clarified that only when the 5000+ allocated beds of GMC/IGGMC/NMC Hospitals/ Private medical colleges/ Charitable hospitals/ hospitals built of government land become full; isolation befitting private hospitals beds of Nagpur will be used for Covid care. Dr. Anup Marar-OCHRI Director also submitted that written objection of Dhangarpura Jhopatpatti Association had already been forwarded to NMC Authorities on same day.

It is highlighted that few weeks back Dhangarpura Jhopatpatti Association had handed over a memorandum to OCHRI authorities mentioning that they will resort to agitation if OCHRI still sticks by their decision to admit COVID 19 patients in one of their blocks.

Dr. Anup Marar clarified to Hon’ble Mayor that presently OCHRI is attending to only incoming Non Covid patients in all their buildings requiring OPD and Indoor treatment on regular basis as per TPA rate capping regulation presently enforced by Maharashtra Government and suspected Covid patients are being directed to GMC and IGGMC after requisite triaging and notification. Requisite notice has also been displayed in hospital Reception. He also stated Hon’ble Mayor that even during a recent meeting; Nagpur Divisional Commissioner had allayed the apprehensions of all Nagpur citizens by stating that all those Nagpur private hospitals who do not have befitting isolation facility as per norms are expected to serve only Non Covid patients within the framework of recent 4th June NMC rate capping order.

Dr.Usha Nair- Director, Ravi Nair Hospitals Private Limited assured Hon’ble Mayor that OCHRI has already highlighted their location, infrastructure, manpower, equipment, facility, non-isolation limitations and other shortcomings including their closeness to Dhangarpura slums to NMC authorities vide their many submissions and added that NMC officials had personally confirmed the closeness to slums and residential schemes along with other limitations.

Hon’ble Mayor complimented all OCHRI staff members for taking care of all Non Covid patients as per TPA rate capping regulation during Covid pandemic and assured to counsel all nearby resident groups that OCHRI is treating only Non Covid patients and hence they should not be unnecessarily worried.