Published On : Mon, Jul 22nd, 2013
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Nagpur leaders keep silence whereas Goa Govt shows guts, to slap Spanco with contract termination notice

Goa to serve Spanco final notice for the delaying power project. “A final notice will be slapped on the company within a fortnight, after which the contract is likely to be terminated,” a senior Goa Power Ministry said.

Nagpur News: The Spanco, the shooting target of Nagpur citizens for various torturous actions, has finally met a matching hand to tame the Satanic company. Make no mistake. No Maharashtra or Nagpur hand. The mighty hand is of Goa Government.

The Goa Government has decided to slap final notice to Spanco Power within a fortnight for “failing” to execute the first phase of the Central Government’s Accelerated Power Development Reforms Programme (APDRP) in the state.

The Nagpur-based Spanco Power Distribution Ltd was issued a show cause notice earlier this month after it “delayed and failed” the first phase of the APDRP project within the schedule.

“A final notice will be slapped on the company within a fortnight, after which the contract is likely to be terminated,” a senior Goa Power Ministry said. The final draft notice has already been sent to the Central Government by the Power Ministry before it is served to the company.

The Central Government has sanctioned Rs 105 crore under APDRP for various projects in Goa.

The Goa Government had entered into an agreement with Spanco on July 18, 2011, to finish the first phase of the APDRP project within 18 months, which the company failed to do, the official stated.

Officials said the company was supposed to have carried out consumer indexing and graphical imaging within 18 months, which it failed to complete.

Goa has been given a target of 2014 to complete all works under APDRP.

The Goa Government is also contemplating the possibility of forefeiting the company’s Rs 8-crore surety bond.

Spanco is under radars and a bull’s eye of various political parties in general, and the killingly anguished Nagpur citizens in particular for torture, tormentation and harassment to the hilt by way of exorbitant billing, robbing power meters, erratic power supply, and no resolving of their complaints by devilish minded officials of Spanco.

DAY-8 Monsoon Session: No Monday Mayhem by Nagpur leaders on Spanco

Now, turning to Nagpur leaders, who had clarified with goodie goodie words of no actions on their part in the ongoing Monsoon Session of Maharashtra Assembly on the issue of Spanco in the 5 days of the House, again failed in creatingMonday Mayhem. The Nagpur “tigers” had promised the citizens with raising the crucial Spanco issue aggressively and successfully, it appears  again turned to rats from the fire-spitting dragons as soon as they reached Mumbai. There is no visible sign of forcing the Government to cancel the agreement with Spanco by the Orange City men of matter.

Let us wait for Tuesday Trauma for the Maharashtra Government at the hands, legs, fists, heads and other parts of Nagpur leaders.

Anyway, the Nagpur citizens cheer up themselves for at least the Goa Government has shown its guts to “wage war” against the Spanco. The Goa Government has provided a sort of sigh of relief to the red-faced Nagpur citizens, and some pleasant moments to enjoy, too. Let the citizens celebrate the “no-win-win” and only hope-hope situation in Nagpur itself.

The Bottom Line is: No Guts, No Glory.