Published On : Wed, Sep 3rd, 2014

Nagpur lawyers divided over representing Yug murder accused with divergent views, feelings

Nagpur Today

The macabre kidnap and murder of 8-year old Yug, son of eminent dentist Dr Mukesh Chandak, has left Nagpur boiling with anger and volcanic reactions. The simmering anger has engulfed all the communities across the city and lawyers have already started pondering over whether to represent the abductors and killers of Yug in court of law or not. Some top lawyers feel that taking the case and representing the accused would tantamount to supporting inhumanity. However, few feel that if the accused approached them they will take the case from totally professional point of view. If someone refuses to take the case, it would be like disfiguring the beauty of the profession’s value a lawyer pledges to uphold. Nagpur Today tried to peep into minds of some of the reputed lawyers of the city and talked them to know their views on the kidnap and murder case of 8-year old Yug Chandak.

The President of District Bar Association, Adv. Sudeep Jaiswal, while replying to a Nagpur Today query weather he will take the case of the accused if they approach him, said that he will definitely take the case because he cannot cover the beauty of his profession. He added that he is deeply sympathized with the Chandak family but at the same time he cannot do injustice to his profession. Adv. Jaiswal further said that it is the right of any accused to have a lawyer to represent his side in the court of law and if the lawyers refused to take the case the court will provide a counsellor to the accused.

Expressing a totally divergent view, Adv. R K Tiwari said that he will never take such case and fight in support of merciless criminals. He added that no lawyer should fight the case of Yug Chandak murder accused as the move will be against humanity.

Adv. Rajendra Daga also expressed his feelings in the same way. When asked what would be his response if the accused sought his representation in the case, Adv Daga’s answer was loud and clear “Definitely No.” The lawyer feels that these brutal criminals must know that there is no one to save and support them. Many criminals think that they can commit an offence and then there are lawyers to save them but there is a need to remove the notion from the criminals’ minds. The criminals must be forced to realize that they are all alone in the crime and nobody is there to support them. Other lawyers should also not take the case of the accused, felt Adv Daga.

On the other hand, Government Lawyer, Adv. Rajesh Nayak feels that it is not the lawyer who will save the accused but it could be the lack of evidence and poor investigation that could save the accused. Adv. Nayak further said that if the evidences are clinching and police had done the proper investigation, then the murderers will get the punishment no matter how big lawyer is fighting his case. When asked about his views on taking the case of Yug Chandak’s murder case accused, Adv. Nayak said that the lawyers should be loyal to their professional duties and there is no harm to the society in taking the case of the accused. The Indian law has given this right to the accused.

– Puja Singh