Published On : Sat, Oct 5th, 2019

Nagpur Ladies Circle takes up ‘Project Boond’ to ensure clean water

Nagpur: Nagpur Ladies Circle-50 has taken up ‘Project Boond’, a National Initiative of Ladies Circle India for providing clean and safe drinking water.

As a part of this initiative Nagpur Ladies Circle-50 has installed Water Purifier at Viveknand School, KT Nagar. Earlier it came to the fore that school children were drinking tap water, consuming impure water, which could have impacted their health. Most of the diseases impacting child’s health are from drinking impure water.

CP Cr. Sumati educated the little ones the importance of pure water. It was a glad conclusion to see kids know about “Aqua guard” after the session.

The kids were also made to laud slogan – drink pure water, stay safe.
NLC-50 also distributed icecream amond the kids.