Published On : Fri, Sep 18th, 2020

Nagpur Ladies Circle 50 along joined hands with all tables of Nagpur

Nagpur arthur’s round table 180, Nagpur spirits round table 258, Nagpur tigers round table 299 and nagpur round table 83 to distribute 100 grains bags to families of Annapurna Vidalaya on 7th september.

The grain bag was named AASHA KI POTLI and consisted of rice, dal, spices, wheat flour, and gram flour along with rava. The grain bag was distributed in the presence of Nagpur Ladies Circle 50 Chairperson Sakshi Diwanka following and adhering to all the social distancing protocols.

Special mention and thank you was conveyed to Nagpur City Co Ordinator Shubham Jain for constant support and help throughout the project.

The principal Mrs Jaya DIxit also extended and thanked all the table chairman Gautam Himmatramka, Gaurav Chouksey, Pratik Munot and Amit Poddar for there contribution and kind gesture.

An impactful project was executed together by Round Table india and Ladies circle India Nagpur at city level.