Published On : Fri, Sep 18th, 2020

Court releases person accused of 10 month old child on bail

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Nagpur -. Justice RB Deo has granted bail to Sharad Maniram Khursade R/o Karanja Lad Dist Washim.

P.S.O. of P.S. Mangrulpir had registered the offence U/S, 302, 201 R/w section 34 of I.P.C. under vide crime no. 461/2019 on 06/10/2019 against one Sau. Sangita Mahulkar and the Sharad on complaint of one Vithoba Yadavrao Mahulkar, who is resident of Bramhanwada (Govindpur) Dist- Amravati and accordingly the Sharad was arrested on 06/10/2019.

The recitals of F.I.R. Reveals allegations that, the complainant solemnized marriage with the Sangita prior to two years and out of their wedlock, the alleged Sangita gave birth to a male child namely Shaurya having age of 10 months.


It was alleged that, on 03/10/2019 at about 8.30 am, the complainant told to the Sangita to take son Shaurya to the hospital as he was not feeling well and accordingly gave Rs. 400/- to the Sangita and thereafter the complainant left for his duty at Pratap Company and at that time the complainant kept his mobile at his home. It was alleged that, for making inquiry about the health of child the complainant made call at about 2.30 pm from the mobile of his friend Suraj Vyavhare on his mobile and same was attended by his niece namely Prerana and Prerana informed him that his wife did not return to home.

After some time the mother of complainant namely Lila Mahulkar made call over the mobile of his brother namely Gajanan as both of them are working in same company and his mother informed him that one Kalpana from Karanja called her and inquired about Shaurya and accordingly she informed to the said Kalpana that, alleged accused no. 1 Sangita carried the Shaurya to the hospital at Amravati and yet she did not return to home. At 7.00 pm the complainant returned to his home and made call to the brother of Sangita and in turn her brother Gajanan Barade asked him about his son and the complainant informed him that Sangita went to hospital along with the Shaurya and did not return to home. After some time the sister in law of the complainant i.e. wife of the Sharad made call to him and inquired about the boy and informed him that, the Sangita came to her house and her child is not with her .

On 5-10-19 when complainant lodged the report, Sangita dislcosed that, child Shaurya was killed by her and the Sharad at Shelubazar by throttling his neck and after the death of child his body was thrown into the well which is situated at the house of her niece namely Priti Sagar Sudke. Thereafter all of them reached at the said place and found the dead body of the said child lying in the well and with the help of nearby persons the said dead body was fetched and same was identified as the child of the complainant.

Adv Mir Nagman Ali appearing for Sharad submitted that, case is resting on circumstancial evidence and apart from statement of Sangita there is no other evidence against him. He was not lastly seen in the company of deceased child. Moreover his mobile location disclosed that, he had not gone to spot of incidence. There was no admissible evidence against the accused.

Adv Mir Nagman Ali appreared for Sharad Khursade.