Published On : Sun, Sep 29th, 2013

Nagpur in a grip of chain-snatching terror, women in trauma, police turning pygmies


Dozens of chain-snatching incidents (Reported and unreported) have been taking place as a routine and so are dozens of questions being raised over efficiency or senseless attitude of Nagpur police. An isolated arrest of a chain-snatcher does not point out alertness of police.

nagpur-chain-snacthingNagpur News.

The terror of chain-snatchings has gripped the Second Capital City of Nagpur and the incidents have taken a shape of a monster. The monster has been spreading its devilish hands in such a horrible proportion that leave alone the traumatized citizens, the Nagpur police have, it appears, turned a pygmy or dwarf or rat in front of the monster. The girls and women have become so scary, they shudder or think twice before coming out of their houses with “Mangalsutra” or gold chains. Dozens of chain-snatching incidents (Reported and unreported) have been taking place as a routine and so are dozens of questions being raised over efficiency or senseless attitude of Nagpur police. An isolated arrest of a chain-snatcher does not point out alertness of police. Nagpur Today, in an effort to highlight the outrageous crime, reporting some cases as an iceberg or a piece of a mountain.


First the reports of two incidents that took place on Saturday night.

According to police, the woman Sini Leo Anthony (40), resident of Plot No. 91, Income Tax Colony, Pratap Nagar, along with daughter Ashly (8), son Emil (7) and her mother Elcy Jose Mathews (65), was proceeding to Lurd Mata Mandir, Seminary Hills on an Activa (MH-31/DR 1068). When they reached near Ladies Club Square at about 2000 hours, two youths in the age group of 25-28 years and riding a motorcycle, snatched the gold chain worn by Sini’s mother worth Rs 70,000. The Ambajhari police PSI Chaudhari registered an offence and is searching for the accused youths.

In the second incident, the victim woman, Sulabha Vasant Nagdevte (78), resident of Vivekanand Nagar, in front of Ram Mandir, was returning home after visiting the temple. She was standing on the roadside in order to cross the road at about 1845 hours on Saturday. At the same time, two youths in the age group of 20-25 years, riding on a black-coloured motorcycle, came near Sulabha and stopped. They forcible grabbed the gold chain worn by her and speeded away. That the criminals stopped and snatched the chain in evening and rush hour, adequately showed that the criminals have no fear of police and would go on committing the crime with impunity. Dhantoli police PSI Gedam registered an offence and probing the matter further.

Chain snatchers rob five women in a day:

Nagpur News: Chain snatchers went on a looting spree and made away with gold ornaments worth more than Rs 1 lakh from the victims.

Within 15 minutes, Ambazhari police station received two complaints of chain snatchings. Vimal Shirpurkar, 80, a resident of Gandhi Nagar, was walking to nearby shop when two youths on a speeding bike snatched away her gold chain worth Rs 40,000.

In few minutes, police received a call from Khamla resident Shyamna Raut who narratet the similar story that she was robbed by motorcycle-borne youths near Pandhrabodi. Raut was walking with her son to school when the youths robbed her gold chain worth Rs 35,000.

Half an hour later, 61-year-old Tara Shravane called police control room complaining that she has been robbed of her gold chain worth Rs 20,000 by bike borne thieves near Laxmi Nagar. The senior citizen was driving her scooter to nearby temple when the thieves came from behind and snatched away her gold chain. A case was registered at Rana Pratap Nagar police station.

Later, in the evening, an engineering girl student was robbed of her gold chain worth Rs 12,000 at Shatabdi Square in Ajni police station area. Neelima Itankar, 19, a resident of Narendra Nagar, had got a phone call on her way to home. While she stopped her two-wheeler to receive the call, three youths on bike pulled her chain.

Last incident took place near Ladies Club Square in Civil Lines under the jurisdiction of Ambazhari police station. However, the complaint was not filed till late night.


Criminals on chain snatching spree:

Nagpur News: A day after heavy police bandobast ended with Lord Ganesh idols immersion, chain snatchers on speeding bikes struck at three places and escaped with gold chains worth Rs 1.5 lakh.

The chain-snatching spree started with early morning around 6.15 in Old Nandanvan. 71-year-old Rambhau Kubde was cleaning the yard of his Ganesh Nagar residence when in a split second, two thieves on a speeding bike made way with the gold chain worth Rs 45,000. Kubde immediately reported the incident to Kotwali police station.

Around 2.15 pm, two unidentified miscreants riding on a red coloured bike hit Vidya Rukwani’s scooter near Byramji Town and snatched away gold valuable worth Rs 40,000 from her. Rukwani said that she was heading to her residence at Jaripatka. Sadar police has booked the unknown thieves.

Another woman, Bhavana Agrawal, a resident of Babulwan, told Lakadganj police that how she was robbed of gold ornaments worth Rs 60,000 right in front of her house at around 6 pm. Agrawal was opening the gate when two youths on red coloured bike came at high speed and grabbed her gold chain.

Navbharat Scribe injured in fight with chain snatchers to get back mother’s stolen gold chain:

Nagpur News : A local newspaper employee fought with chain snatchers to nab them as well as get back his mother’s robbed 8 tola gold chain, but failed when he was hit on head and eyes that collapsed him. The incident took place at victim Prasad Sarangi’s residence at Friends Colony in Gittikhadan. Sarangi is employed with a Hindi Daily-Navbharat.

The duo had robbed Sarangi’s mother Shobha devi, while she was plucking flowers from the garden of her house on Monday morning. Among the thieves, the rider was wearing helmet and came on a black coloured bike.

Mother’s scream alerted Sarangi who immediately rushed to nab the youths. “He had almost get hold of the pillion rider who was fleeing with the valuable but the helmet rider hit him with stone twice on head until he loose his grip and collapsed,” said police.

Sarangi’s efforts went in vain when the thieves escaped injuring him. He was given immediate treatment at nearby private hospital. Sarangi failed to note down the bike registration number. The police has estimated the loss amount as Rs 1.5 lakhs in the case. However, as per the current gold rate, Sarangi has suffered th eloss up to Rs 2 lakhs. Through the description of thieves told by Sarangi and his mother, police are trying to find the thieves.


Minor boys snatch gold chain:

Nagpur News: Jaripatka police have detained a minor boy and are searching for another minor boy on the charges of theft. According to police, the complainant Nilam Dilip Jethwani (24), resident of Plot No 672, Ahuja Nagar, along with her mother, was returning home. When they reached near home, the two minors, riding a Hero Honda Splendour motorcycle (MH-49/L 3819) came behind and snatched the gold chain Nilam was wearing. However, when Nilam shouted for help, the panicky minor boys dashed a Scooty Pep while escaping. Both fell on the road. The minor boy, who was riding the motorcycle, managed to flee the spot. But another boy was caught by the nearby people and was handed over to Jaripatka police.

Thieves snatch away gold chains worth 1.5 lakh in separate incidents:

Nagpur News:  Three more chain-snatching incidents were reported in Nagpur from different areas. In the first incident, the victim Sadhana Ganeshprasad Shrivastav (52), Revati Complex, Wadi, Amravati Road, was pillion on her daughter’s Kinetic scooter (MH-31/DG 2283). Both were proceeding towards Ravi Nagar Square. When they reached near Punjab National Bank, LIT College Gate, two youths, in the age group of 25 years, came from behind on their motorcycle and slapped Sadhana Shrivastav and snatched the gold chain worth Rs 40,000 from her neck and fled away speedily.

In the second incident, the victim, Nina Nitin Patil (40), resident of Plot No. 317, Laxmi Nagar, along with husband, was proceeding towards Patrakar Bhavan from Sure Tech Hospital on their Vespa scooter (MH-49/K 7090) at about 2210 on Thursday. When they reached near Children Care Hospital, two youths in the age group of 20-25 years and riding a Hero Honda black coloured motorcycle, suddenly slapped Nina and grabbed a gold chain worth Rs 60,000 from her neck and ran away from the spot.

In the third incident, the victim, Manjusha Ram Manmode (38), resident of Plot No. 123 B, Shiv Nagar, near Nehru Park, along with a relative Pramila Shyam Manmode, were strolling on the road after the dinner at about 2245 on Thursday. When they were passing Nehru Park, two unidentified youths in the age group of 20-25 years and riding a black-coloured CBZ Extreme, came from behind and hit Manjusha on her neck and snatched “Mangalsutra” worth Rs 52,000 and fled the spot speedily.

Chain snatchers on moped rob woman: 

Nagpur News: Youths on moped vehicle pushed down a 59-year-old woman and snatched away her gold ornament worth Rs 20,000 near Ashok Square on cement road in Pachpaoli police station area. Godubai Tekade had gone to nearby clinic for regular check-up and was walking home when two youths came zooming on a two-wheeler, pushed her down and decamped with the gold chain. Tekade escaped with minor bruises.

“Wait” for husband proves costly for woman as she is relieved of Rani Haar worth Rs 1.40 lakh: 

Nagpur News: “Wait” for husband proved costly for a woman as she was relieved of a gold necklace worth Rs 1,40,000. The incident occurred at Jawahar Vidyarti Gruh wedding hall under Sitabuldi Police Station jurisdiction at about 10 pm on Saturday. According to police, the victim woman Smita Madhav Khopde (28), a resident of Plot No. 118, Bajaj Nagar, Nagpur , had gone with her husband to attend a marriage at the hall. After attending the marriage, Smita was waiting outside the hall for her husband who had to bring his vehicle. Suddenly, two unidentified youths in the age group of 25-30 years appeared at the spot driving a Bajaj Pulsar motorcycle and pushed Smita forcefully. Smita fell down by the push and taking the advantage the youths snatched the “Rani Haar” (Queen’s Necklace) worth Rs 1,40,000 worn by Smita and fled the spot in great speed even before Smita could get an idea of what happened to her by the push.

7 persons thrash couple, succeed in snatching “Mangalsutra” near Futala Lake:

7 persons thrash couple, succeed in snatching “Mangalsutra” near Futala Lake

Nagpur News: Seven persons thrashed a couple and decamped from the spot after snatching “Mangalsutra” (Gold chain) from the woman under Gittikhadan Police Station. The incident occurred near Futala Lake in Nagpur. According to police, one Kunal Laxman Gedam (22), a resident of Old Futala Area, was returing home with his wife after shutting his “Paan Thela’ at about 10 pm. At the same time the seven accused namely Sagar Pawar, Bhaskar,  Anna, Abhishek Tambe and their three other accomplices accosted Kunal and his wife near Futala Lake and started threatening Kunal over the place of his “Paan Thela” despite several warnings by them to remove his “paan thela”  from the spot. After abusing Kunal and his with choicest words, the accused persons suddenly started beating both of them after pushing them down from their motorcycle and succeeded in snatching the gold chain worn by Kunal’s wife.

Woman robbed of “Mangalsutra”: 

Nagpur News: The incident took place near Ajni Bus Stop in front of NEERI gate on Thursday night and the victim was Chandrakanta Pathrabe (53). According to police sources, Chandrakanta along with her husband Dinanath Pathrabe was returning to her Kotwali residence after visiting Saibaba Temple at about 10 pm on their Dio moped (MH-31 CU 0267). Suddenly, two motorcycle-borne persons came from behind and snatched “Mangalsutra” (Goldchain) from  Chandrakanta and fled away in great speed. The value of “Mangalsutra” fas been quoted Rs 60,000.

Thieve relieves woman of “Mangalsutra”:

Nagpur News: Gittikhadan police booked an unidentified youth for snatching a mangalsutra from a middle-aged woman. Bharti Raghunath Gudadhe (39), a resident of Plot No. 138, Shiv Nagar, Godhani Road off sleeping in her house. She woke up with a sound from her kitchen. She found an unidentified youth in her kitchen. The youth immediately took out a knife and asked her to hand him over all the gold and silver ornaments. Bharti informed him that nothing was kept in the house. Thus, the youth snatched the “Mangalsutra” she was wearing and ran away.

The reports are endless. The criminals have not spared a single area of Nagpur city. Every area has victims of chain-snatching. Only an Army hand could smash the “terror” hands as Nagpur police have been proving dismal in curbing the crime. The Army men “don’t take bribes from goons.”