Published On : Sat, Mar 19th, 2016

Nagpur Education department to set up kiosks for RTE implementation

Youth Congress RTE
 The implementation of Right to Education in Nagpur has made a significant headway after few Youth Congress activists in the city decided to take it upon themselves! The young leaders pestered the Education Department to come up with series of steps to draw convenience for the needy parents who have been running from pillar to post to get their wards admitted to the schools of repute. It has also been decided to set up kiosks to ensure the parents should not miss oout on RTE for their kids in view of the prevailing technical issues with Education Department’s problems.

The Right To Education has been started by the government to ensure every child gets education and no child is denied admission in any school near his house for want of money for fees.

However, certain lacunae in the software, the server in the Education Department and many other problems had prevented many poor and needy children from getting educated in schools near their residence. Till last year, it was observed that there was some problem with the software which led to limited children availing the facility of RTE. Adding to that, the server installed in the education department has been perpetually down keeping many poor people from getting registered under RTE.
The Youth Congress activists led by General Secretary of Nagpur Youth Congress Kunal Puri initiated a process through which they tabled the existing problems and also the resolution for these problems coming in the way of smooth implementation of RTE.

The Youth Congress activists then apprised one of the officers in-charge of Primary Education Dipendra Lokhande of the existing situation. Kunal Puri of Youth Congress told Lokhande that even last year, many poor children were denied admission under RTE quoting weird reasons by the schools and secondly because of lack of awareness, lack of proper functioning of the infrastructure including server, website etc. Many poor parents got fed up with the way the website ceased to function half way in filling the forms and had to resort to paying money for procuring admission in other schools.

Youth Congress RTE (1)
Dipendra Lokhande then called a meeting with all the officials of Right To Education and had a joint meeting with Youth Congress activists which ran for over two hours. During the meeting, the Youth Congress activists related all the problems that the poor faced in availing the facilities of RTE.

After a lot of deliberations, it was decided by Lokhande that there would be kiosks placed at many places in the city manned by RTE officials. These officials would be scrutinizing the documents and if found right, scanning the documents at the spot and then upload the details on the website, make a receipt and a letter issued to the nearby schools to admit the child.

The officials of the Education Department also assured the Youth Congress activists that they would be printing pamphlets, banners and display them prominently in all hutments and slum areas so that the poor children can avail the facility of education under RTE.

Youth Congress RTE 6
The Youth Congress activists would also be trained to fill the forms and with the help of an official of the Education Department, they would be visiting slum areas which are not covered as yet.

Among the prominent Youth Congress activists pressing for the cause include Nagpur City Youth Congress President Bunty Shelke, Nagpur City Youth Spokesperson Prashant Tanerwar and other activists.