Published On : Fri, Jul 2nd, 2021

Nagpur district tops in more vaccination of women than Mumbai

Nagpur: The Nagpur district has left behind Mumbai and two other big cities by vaccinating more women in the state. A total of 7.82 lakh women (46.47%) have been given Covid jabs, which is more than Mumbai’s 45%, Pune’s 44% and Thane’s 45%, the data showed.

As far as total doses are concerned, Mumbai has the highest vaccination at 56.28 lakh doses followed by Pune at 46.08 lakh and Thane 25.80 lakh doses as on Thursday (July 1) evening. On the other hand, Nagpur district has 16.84 lakh doses as on date. Of these, 9.01 lakh doses have been received by men and 7.82 doses by women.

The reason cited for women lagging behind men is due to a range of socio-economic and well-being issues. According to former Nagpur Obstetrics and Gynaecological Society (NOGS) President, initially women too had some doubts and hesitancy regarding Covid vaccination as men. There were issues like whether it can be taken during the menstrual cycle or will it cause irregular periods, affect planned pregnancy or infertility treatment.

These factors deterred women going for the vaccination. Also, initially vaccination was not recommended during pregnancy and lactation, which led to a significant number of women being dropped out of vaccination drives, she stated.

Another Consulting Gynaecologist and Obstetrician said though vaccination does not cause side effects in monthly period or fertility, many patients are still in dilemma. In the beginning, social media was full of rumours which are still doing rounds. Then there were certain patients who are pregnant or lactating, who are not sure. There are certain women in rural populations or low income groups avoiding vaccination.

Vaccination chart:
· Nagpur district: Total doses – 16.84 lakh
·Jabs for men: 9.01 lakh
·Vaccination for women: 7.82 lakh
·18 to 44 years: 4.40 lakh
·45 to 60 years: 6.41 lakh
·60 plus: 5.52 lakh