Published On : Thu, Jun 20th, 2013
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Nagpur District Administration puts it into top gear to tackle rainy disasters

Nagpur News: Even before the monsoon has not battered the Nagpur District with its full intensity, a flood-like situation has prevailed and a massive 228 villages or towns have been facing watery woes. The villages have been put under the “Red Line” category. However, the District Administration, too, geared up to handle the situation with all strength. These 228 villages or towns are likely to face heavy losses if the Rain God unleashes its fierce weapon the rains.

Accordingly, the District Administration has set up Control Rooms in all the 13 tehsils of the District and the Control Rooms would function 24 hours. The first priority of the Control Rooms would be to rush the people to nearby schools or any other safe places in the eventuality of floods. The most likely affected 228 villages come under Kuhi, Bhivapur, and Kamptee tehsils. After considering the danger-prone these villages, the District Administration has specifically focused their rescue and relief operations in these villages with top gear. The authorities have made available 700 life guards in order to rescue villagers who may find themselves helpless in the floods. The jobs of these life guards, armed with boats, life jackets, powerful search lights and vans, would be to rescue them before being swept away thus causing a heavy toll of lives.

The District Administration has also sought help of Fire Brigade and Home Guards in the face of any disasters the rains may trigger. The NMC Fire Brigade has been provided with hi-tech equipment to deal with tragedies related to rains. Keeping in mind the likely wet drought, the Nagpur District Collector Sourabh Rao had called a joint meeting of neighbouring Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh authorities as the two states are badly hit by rain fury and water from their rivers trigger floods in the Nagpur district’s above-mentioned  tehsils. Apart from the measures taken by District Administration, the Collector has directed the Disaster Management Department to be fully ready for any untoward incidents during pouring rains. The Collector specifically directed to men in the Control Rooms of all 13 tehsils to be alert 24 hours. The villagers have been provided with the phone numbers of the Control Rooms. The personnel of Control Rooms have been strictly directed to keep their mobile phones properly functioning to facilitate contact any time.

THE DANGEROUS ZONES IN NAGPUR: Following areas take the severe rainy beating during floods in Nag Nadi, Pili Nadi and other big “Nalahs” and the areas are Zingabai Takli, Nara Nari, Pardi, Punapur, Ambajhari, Binaki, Bharatwada, Wathoda, Mankapur, Kalamna, Vanjara, Bidipeth and others. These areas suffer the most brunt during the floods in Nagpur city.

THE VILLAGES IN THE DISTRICT: A danger is looming large over the following villages and towns including Bori, Varanga, Kinhala, Makdi, Ghoghli, Hudkeshwar, Vihirgaon, Ashta, Salai Godhni, Hingna, Nildoh, Digdoh, Gumgaon, Kotewada, Shirur and others.

However, the District Administration being fully alert and armed with expert personnel and hi-tech machineries, there is a hope for the likely affected-people they would be cared in the face of any disasters by timely reactions and determination.