Published On : Sat, Oct 31st, 2020

Nagpur Citizens Forum move to make city pothole-free

Nagpur: In a development that could give headache for concerned authorities, Nagpur Citizens Forum has launched a campaign to ensure a pothole-free road network in the city. The Forum has appealed to the citizens to click photos of bad roads and potholes in their area and send them on their helpline number 9730196885 with complete information of the said road.

The Nagpur Citizens Forum said the campaign is aimed at improving the condition of roads in the city by attracting attention of authorities. Roads in the city are maintained by Nagpur Municipal Corporation, Public Works Department, National Highway Authority, however due to apathetic attitude, the condition of roads has deteriorated, said Prof Vikas Chedge of the Forum. Though Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) over the last few years have switched over to building cement roads but there seems to be no planning in the construction and as a result the roads pose more of troubles than offering any real solution. The increase in height of concrete roads resulted in flooding of houses as planners did not bother while planning these roads. At many places i-blocks are put in place but use of inferior quality material has rendered them useless, Chedge alleged.

The Forum said that in this year’s budget, NMC has set aside Rs 311crore for road construction and hopefully through citizens’ cooperation the funds can be used fruitfully to rid the city of potholes. The Forum would first appeal to authorities and city leaders to ensure they work upon their promises. However, in case that fails then they would put up a plaque with photos of potholes outside the offices of civic body, and PWD headquarters. The Nagpur Citizens Forum has warned to name the potholes in the city after MLAs, Corporators, people’s representatives and administration officials.