Published On : Fri, Oct 13th, 2017

Nagpur C.B.S.E. Schools observe ‘Black Day’ opposing interference from several agencies

Nagpur: With an objective to raise demands against over interference of C.B.S.E. and many other rule imposing agencies and do supportive, creative and conductive work in the field of education, all the C.B.S.E. schools of city have come together to form- Nagpur C.B.S.E. Private School Management Association. The association, on Thursday observed a ‘Black Day’ against too many rules being imposed on them for a long time.

The schools have been receiving several conflicting Government Resolutions from several organisations which is making it difficult for them to work. Thus, demanding a single nodal agency, instead of receiving orders from several sides, the members of the association observed black day and worked wearing a Black Ribbon.

Commenting on the same, Neeru Kapai, Chairperson of the association stated, “We are not anti-government. All we are demanding is a single agency to direct us instead of receiving orders from everywhere”. The forum also conducted a general discussion on their demands. The schools all over the nation observed ‘Black Day’ which was supported by the Nagpur C.B.S.E. Private School Management Associaton.