Published On : Tue, Nov 1st, 2016

Nagpur actress Palak Purswani touches home to rejoice Diwali moments



Nagpur Today.

Actress, Pageant winner Palak Purswani of Sony show “Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhaniya” was recently in the city to celebrate Diwali festival with her family and her close friends. It was visibly evident that she was very happy to be here in her hometown after a long span of 7 months.

Nagpur Today caught up with her for a lively chat. Here are the excerpts.

NT: How has your journey been so far?
Palak: My acting career started 2 years ago in Nagpur itself; firstly I did a beauty pageant for which I was chosen by my college itself that is INIFD. After that when I came back to Nagpur I was offered Splitsvilla 7 on MTV where I was one of the top 8 finalists. While all this my parents were quite supporting. Because of them I achieved the stature that I am in now. Support from my parents was a confidence booster for me which motivated me to grow myself in the field of acting. Badi Devrani was my first show. Then I shifted to Bombay. And through a random audition I got selected for my current show named “Bade Bhaiya ki Dulhaniya” and my new project is going to be a Star plus show named Nastik which will be aired in December. When I played Riya Raizada which was a character which was so me and the IAS officer character which was challenging for me as I am not a person like that in real life.

NT: Tell us about your experience from a common girl to TV actress?
Palak: To be honest my journey has been amazing because the kind of attention and love you get from people is really esthetic and nice, and the best part of it is that I am making my parents proud. It really feels amazing when people go and tell your parents wow your daughter is doing great; it’s the kind of feeling which is simply out of the world and the feeling is unbeatable.

NT: How you faced the obstacles?
Palak: Well, as we all know that life in TV is not as easy as people think. According to people actor’s life is too glamorous but isn’t. Initially my parents were also little worried about my career that what kind of people I will deal with. And how I am gonna work out the things but the confidence that I had in me was enough for me to do wonders.

NT: What is the best and worst part of Auditions?
Palak: The best part of auditions is, well for me I have been experiencing different kind of roles which I am exactly not in real life. It’s really funny to carry such kind of roles like Saas Bahu but at the same time it is challenging. And unless you are thrown out of your comfort zone you really can’t achieve anything, so that’s what acting is all about. Worst part, I haven’t gone through anything bad or worse till now. Because even if the director is scolding me that is for my own good and I will grow as an actor so there’s nothing bad about this.

NT: If not acting then what you’d you opt for career?
Palak: Well, it is fashion. Because clothing is something I am really crazy about and which makes me happy. To be honest fashion is also my back up plan as you know you always got to have a backup plan.

NT: What is your message to the girls who aspire to become actresses?
Palak: I would just advise them to Dream big, Goal high and achieve it. People say that there is casting couch and all To sum up I would just add that its nothing like that because it’s all up to you, don’t involve negativity if you are positive about a thing then no one can stop you from achieving your goals.


—By Shweta Lalwani.