Published On : Tue, Nov 1st, 2016

Sparkling gesture: Top cop celebrates Diwali with sanitation workers, in style


Nagpur: Taking this inspiring quote in true sense of the word, the Commissioner of Police Dr K Venkatesham, in a unique but phenomenal gesture, honoured the sanitation workers, in style. The top cop invited a few select sanitation workers and their families to his residence and appreciated their skills, broadly. The city police boss cheered the sanitation workers and their kin by organizing Diwali Milan programme and lauded their untiring job in maintaining beauty and cleanliness during Diwali festivity. The grand gesture on the part of none other than Commissioner of Police left the sanitation workers with teary eyes who were finding it very difficult as to how to thank the man of highest caliber. They certainly had no words.

Not that the sanitation workers were totally bereft of words. They had enough words to ask the top cop as how he got the idea of such an outstanding event. A smiling Dr K Venkatesham cited the great quote of Martin Luther King Jr as his inspiration.

The Zero Mile City of Nagpur, heart of the country, is soon going to be a ‘Smart City.’ Efforts at all levels are being made to make it clean and beautiful city. Nagpur Municipal Corporation is striving towards this goal in its own way. But the crux of keeping the city clean the smart way invariably lies with the sanitation workers. Citizens celebrated Diwali in grandest manner but the streets littered with fire-cracker remnants were shined to their original beauty by the untiring sweepers. Sanitation workers are an integral part of any organization owing to the need to clean and sanitize premises. You will find them working in schools, universities, offices and hospitals where their main job is to ensure the cleanliness of the premises that they are working in. Sanitation workers may be expected to collecting and recycling trash along with polishing floors and moving heavy furniture from one place to another. This job requires a lot of physical labour which is why sanitation workers are expected to be physically fit and possess the ability to handle and move heavy objects.

The Commissioner of Police Dr K Venkateshan also extended his Diwali greetings to other police officials and personnel personally.

—By Ravikant Kamble