Published On : Sun, Dec 30th, 2012

Mumbai Bar girls to perform at hotels, resorts in Nagpur sans police permission

Nagpur News.

In the next few hours, around 45 bar girls from Mumbai will be traveling and flying to Nagpur in order to set the city stages on fire for the 31st celebration in various hotels and resorts. Some of them even performed in the city on previous occasions and considered as ‘hot’ in terms of ravishing performance.

The surprising fact is that most of these hotels and resorts have not taken police permission for the same. The police is closely watching the activities and could even raid such properties operating such shows without permission.

It is therefore suggested to avoid the hotels throwing such performances without legal permission to herald the new year or else the party would be spoiled.

Sources revealed that the bar girls from Mumbai coming to the city for such celebration events are not new and police often raid those who does not shell out the ‘cuts’.


Eye on drunken driving

Those driving after consuming liquor on the night of 31st December would be eyed by Traffic Department. Senior officials have ordered strict check on the activities. Around 400 drunkards were booked last year for drunken driving.


Spurious liquor in Nagpur

Bulk amount of spurious liquor is being allegedly transported in the city, reportedly in collusion with the Excise Department  officials. The department has deliberately turned blind eye towards the illegal activities. It may be mentioned that such duplicate drinks of reputed brand are randomly sold across the city.