Published On : Sun, Apr 12th, 2020

Mr Bhujbal please punish these PDF offenders!


Mr. Chagan Bhujbal, Cabinet Minister of Food & Civil Supply, Consumer Affairs

Dear Mr Bhujbal,

Sir, just 3 days ago you warned Ration shop owners to not indulge in hoarding, black marketing and cheating poor people in this dire hour of need.

Yet many volunteers working hard to help out the poor migrants with Food kits are uncovering fraud on a massive scale in Nagpur.

Nagpur Today had reported the news on 9th April where some PDF shop keepers had admitted wrong doing on camera.

Yet, the fraud and cheating continues in various ways like:

Consumers not being given ‘parchi’ ( receipt) when they make purchases.

They are sold much lesser quantities of wheat and rice than what they are eligible for BUT COMPUTER ENTRIES ARE MADE FOR “RIGHT QTY”. ( They have acknowledged this on video and promised to give the rest to those who return).

Material like Tur Dal and Sugar is not being sold at all, saying they haven’t received it. ( Whereas consumers have seen vast quantities lying in the inside store room inside).

When all this was pointed out to Ration Officer Mr. Savai, he promised action but nothing has been done.

Such malpractices are going on everywhere. We are sending you videos of areas like Deepti Nagar, Traffic Park Dharampeth, North Nagpur and Kamptee.

.. Sunita Mudaliar – Executive Editor

Video1 : People Speaks

Video 2: People Version

Video 3: Store owner on camera