Published On : Thu, Aug 24th, 2017

MPLB calls for a meet to discuss Triple talaq verdict

Triple Talaq
Nagpur: The Muslim Personal Law Board will be discussing the Supreme Court’s verdict on triple talaq, in a meeting to be held on 10th September. The meeting of board, which comprises of three hundred members, is to be held in Bhopal.

The legal consultants of the board have also been invited in the discussion. One of the board members, Wahaab Parekh, has shown esteem over the apex court’s decision. “Triple talaq is against Islam. However, if anybody indulges in it in spite of that, it affects the life of the victim”, he said. Being a protestor of triple talaq himself, Parekh has been working to spread awareness against the malpractice for a long time now. He clearly believes that triple talaq is prohibited in Islam. He also stated that although, Supreme Court has given a decision, it must be abolished only by public awareness. On the matter, further decisions will be taken in the meeting.

Along with advocate Kapil Sibbal, legal consultants Zaafriyaz Gilani, advocate Yusuf Mushayra will also be present in the discussion. It will also be decided in the meeting that whether a memorandum has to be submitted against the verdict or not. Parekh has also mentioned that the decision was taken on the basis of majority; all the judges were not in favour of the decision. The board is also ready to give its suggestions on the new law to be formulated.